Don’t get the hype

Gilmore Girls idolizes bratty, privileged behavior

Rory Gilmore. While most watch the popular show, Gilmore Girls, because they think Rory is a fashion and academic icon, I see past her “hard work” and Birkin bag (more on that later). In reality, Rory is self-centered and ignorant, blaming others for everything that happens to her before running off into the sunset so she doesn’t have to face any consequences.

One of my main issues with Rory is that she is willing to hurt others for personal gain. From the time she body-shamed a ballerina in the school newspaper by calling her a “hippo” to the time she slept with a married man. The worst part is that she justified this action by saying she “owned the man” because he was her boyfriend when she was sixteen. 

Additionally, Rory is hard working but only until there is a small inconvenience in her life, then she immediately shuts down. When working for a journalism internship, she is told she might not be cut out for the job, so she immediately drops out of Yale and… steals a yacht? 

After committing this crime, Rory’s wealthy grandparents jump in and make sure she only gets community service. Rory gets help time and time again from her grandparents, yet she claims to hate the rich despite her literally being rich. She goes (went) to a private university, went to a private high school, and has a Birkin bag (a literal bag that costs $38,900).

Rory is also mean to everyone around her. While her mom, Lorelai, has her own problems, at least she is truly hard-working, opening her own inn as a single mother. What does Lorelai get for being so hard-working and going back to college in her 30s? Not her only daughter at graduation, because Rory was too busy running off to New York with a boy on one of the biggest days of Lorelai’s. 

Running away from her problems is one of the things Rory does best, and, combined with her immense wealth (something she is apparently oblivious to) she can ditch any inconvenience. When she got into an argument with her mom, she ended up going on a luxury tour of Europe for an entire summer just to avoid arguing more. Sure Rory, doesn’t sound like you’re rich at all.

Even Rory’s friends aren’t spared from her mean attitude. Her childhood friend, Laine, is never a part of Rory’s life unless Rory needs her. Where is Rory when Laine is homeless? Not helping Laine out, that’s for sure. Rory’s other friend, Paris, gets this same treatment, and when she comes to Rory in a panic because she has lost all her money, Rory says she can’t help because she is stressed about having to plan a party. 

I will forever be bemused as to why people worship Rory Gilmore when she literally dropped out of college and thinks boho headbands are a fashion statement. Therefore, I suggest next time you need fashion inspo, you check out a more iconic show, Gossip Girl. Here you will find plenty of unhinged drama and bratty people similar to Rory, but at least they own up to their flaws. Additionally, if you need to watch something to motivate you to do your homework, then Legally Blonde is always better than the trash fire that is Gilmore Girls.