High School on a Budget: Books & Media

Stephani Whisenant

As high school students, we have plenty of required reading we have to do in school that forces us to purchase books. Along with school reading requirements, we also have leisurely reading, music and magazines that we enjoy, but these books and other forms of media are often at prices that can add up quickly.

Instead of going to places like Barnes and Nobel or Hastings, and spending up to $15 on one book, you should get them at a cheaper price.

My favorite place to get used books is Half Price Books. They have a huge selection of books, all for up to 70% off of the sticker price of a chain book store that sells new books.

An even cheaper option would be to just check the book out at the library. If you think you’ll only read the book once and never touch it again; you’d probably benefit from this option the most.

Not only are these good suggestions for school reading, but also if you read for fun. For a series of books, like Harry Potter, a new paperback book can cost around $10, but if you get it used at Half Price Books, you’ll only pay around $4- more than half off the original price.

This method also works for CD’s, magazines and computer games. I only buy magazines from Half Price Books because they are $1 each, which is a lot cheaper than the $4-5 you’d pay for the same magazine at regularly priced bookstore.

Why waste money on something like books, when they’re the exact same new and used?

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can even find brand new books at Half Priced Books.

Not only is this a cheaper option for buying books magazines and CD’s, but it is also an eco-friendly alternative, as you are not wasting supplies on having multiple items made, when you can use one already manufactured.