Celebrities serve as teen role models, for good or bad

Marisa Lindeman

“Get crazy, get wild. Let’s party, get loud. If you wanna have fun then do something crazy!”

Most teens today listen to the theme song of a popular television series, Jersey Shore, and think to themselves, “I want to be just like the Jersey Shore cast when I get older!” But is this really the way you want to live your life?

The Jersey Shore cast members are a really bad example of role models. How do you expect to ever be successful if all you do is go clubbing every night of the week, coming home at all hours of the night, with some of the trashiest people.

Many young athletes also look up to Kobe Bryant, a popular basketball player for the Los Angelos Lakers. Though many people look up to his skills in basketball, do they not know what he has done outside the sport? Bryant is a rapist who committed adultery. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would look up to a person like him.

Let’s not forget about the double-lived teenage star, Miley Cyrus. Many kids watch her show wanting to be just like her too! Do the kids’ parents know their child is looking up to someone who pole danced at the Teen Choice Awards and who doesn’t even respect her own body?

What happened to people having good role models who decide not to base their lives on doing drugs, getting drunk and writing songs about vulgar things that nobody can relate to?

Students should look within their own lives for a role model, but if the feel they need to look up to a celebrity there are better people to choose from rather than Snooki and Miley Cyrus.

More teenagers should look up to people like the Jonas Brothers or Oprah Winfrey. The Jonas Brothers don’t only write songs people can relate to but they are also the founders of a foundation called “Change for the Children.” This foundation supports diabetes, Special Olympics, and volunteering.

Also former drug addict, Josh Hamilton, is now a strict non-alcoholic, a strong Christian, and he just led his team, the Rangers, to the World Series.

He proves that even through you may have a hard young life, you can still get back on your feet and become a honorary role model for all of his fans.

Oprah is also a great person to look up to because she is spending the money she earns to make schools in Africa for kids who are unable to get an education. Oprah once lived in poverty and now she is one of the richest and most charitable people in the world.

Our society should look up to more inspirational people who are doing good things in this world, instead of stupid, party animals. I think if our world keeps looking up to celebrities like this, we will definitely take the turn for the worst.