Getting in Christmas spirit

Ricky Lara

How would you portray a normal Christmas? Would you picture it with cookies and milk, waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and decorating your tree with your favorite ornaments or, would you picture it with amazing feasts at the dinner table, gifts around the Christmas tree and kisses under the mistletoe? Whether you picture it like any of the above or not, it is important to remember one of the main values of Christmas: family.

Sure, Christmas is a fun time to feast on delicious meals, open gifts of what you wished for, and hope to see ol’ Saint Nicholas in the night sky. But instead, people are dealing with last-minute shopping, putting up with the hassle of the long lines at the mall and full parking lots.

Why is it that Christmas turned into more of a chore than anything else? The holidays have become dreadfully tiring and it is ridiculous to see what others, like ourselves, will do to have a ‘perfect’ Christmas. If anything, we should be making cookies for Santa, hanging up stockings and drinking some eggnog, because Christmas only comes once a year.

I’m sure you’ve heard that Christmas is the time for joy and cheer since Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. Families and friends alike gather together with the intentions of having the best time with each other, and this is the way Christmas should stay.

Whether you receive gifts or coal, believe in Santa Claus or don’t, feast like kings or eat like the ordinary, always remember to be thankful for what you have.

If you celebrate a different holiday, such as Hanukah or Kwanzaa, the same idea and concept of gathering around with family still applies. This time of year is a celebration for everyone, no matter your religion, race, gender or even hair color! If you have no other reason to celebrate, be happy we have 2 weeks off of school!

So, this holiday season, remember to let the mushy love stuff flow in the Christmas wind while you’re enjoying every minute of time with family and friends.