Student, staff volley to raise funds

Stephani Whisenant

On Tuesday, November 22 the girls Volleyball team, challenged the faculty to a volleyball game.

While the students may have taken an early lead, the faculty fought back and held their own, pulling out a victory with a score of 32-26.

The game served as a fundraiser for the  volleyball team to help fund the costs that arise during the season.

Students had to pay $1 to attend the game, and were allowed to purchase snacks from the concession stand.

“We’ll use [the money] to buy stuff for the kids, pay for hotel rooms for overnight trips. It all goes back to the kids,” volleyball coach Caroline Simpson said.

Simpson also participated in the game, and thought it was an overall good experience.

“Getting the opportunity to see my colleagues play, and getting to see them in a different light [was fun],” Simpson said.

The students who participated in the game were surprised by the competitive spirit of the faculty.

“It was harder than I thought it would be,” sophomore Brittney Little said. “It was just fun playing against the staff, even though we lost.”

Faculty members plan to participate in future games against the student body and keep the competitive atmosphere alive.