Students should stick to spirit

If you look around the school you might notice the banners hanging in the Silver Cafeteria and the sticker decals scattered around campus windows.

These items serve as symbols of our school pride and in my opinion, the student body doesn’t appreciate them enough. They make the school a more positive learning environment and show that we are proud to be Vikings. When visitors come to our school, they see the banners and stickers as an outward display of our school pride.

Some have argued that the money used to purchase these items could’ve been used elsewhere during this stressed financial time, but purchasing these items for the school has a much wider impact than people realize. It is better that we do things to promote community within the school so students have a desire to continue learning and show pride for their school as well. Sometimes there are things that are more important than laptops and calculators. The return you get for something that inspires students to learn and have pride for their school is much greater than that of a simple tool used to make life easier. With inspiration and pride, students are dedicated to be more creative and hardworking to achieve our goals.

Even though the classrooms might need laptops, they don’t instill the ownership and pride that a school must have to excel. The atmosphere of a school is more important than having new technology when the technology we already have is sufficient .

The banners inspire a feel good community and atmosphere around the school which not only affects the school but the community as well. The students are inspired to do good around the community and make it a better place to live which influences more people.

These accents of color and motivational sayings add to the posters that already hang in the halls to inform us of upcoming events such as games, clubs and spirit days. Without these posters students would be lost as to what is going on in school. They also make the bland hallways look colorful and happy.

With the change in testing and dress code, the students need something inspirational to motivate them and keep them working hard in their schoolwork. The stickers do just that.