Wrestling continues successful season going into Classic

Stephani Whisenant

The wrestling team has proven themselves each season by sending well qualified team members to the state tournament. The team hopes to continue its past success with four returning members who made it to state last year.

Senior Victor Thomas earned the highest placing for Bryan High at state last year.

“I got sixth place. Some people call that good, but I think I could have done better,” Thomas said.

Even though Thomas is motivated to do even better this year, the experience of competing at such a high level was definitely one to remember.

“You get to be in the spotlight, everyone watching you, and pressure is definitely there but you learn to cope with it,” Thomas said.

Others love wrestling because of the motivational drive and values of good sportsmanship it fosters.

“Wrestling is great,” junior Fabian Diaz said. “A lot of working out and physical endurance are required.”

With hard workouts, long practices and physical brutality, some may think wrestling is something only guys can handle, yet, others, such as female wrestling team members Laura Hawk and Nesly Mata, disagree.

“A lot of guys think that girls shouldn’t wrestle, because we [aren’t perceived to] work as hard,” Hawk said. “But girl wrestling and guy wrestling are completely different. I can keep up with some of the guys.”

Although they may have to use different styles, the girls are still expected to maintain the same amount of intensity as the guy wrestlers.

“You have to be willing to work hard,” Hawk said. “A lot of determination is required by both guys and girls.”

Male or female, the wrestling team will be working hard towards their goal of getting as many members to state level/tournament as possible this year.

“We’re in the 21st century,” Mata said. “It’s not about what specific genders should do; it’s about what you can do.”