Trash the Tigers by bringing canned food

Emily Nash

The Crosstown Showdown food drive is an annual competition between Bryan High and A&M Consolidated to see which school can donate the most canned foods to the Brazos Valley food bank in a week.

Although Consolidated won the competition last year, together the two schools raised 17,000 pounds of canned food. Student Council sponsor Cyndi Owens is hoping to raise even more than that this year and council members finding ways to get students to participate.

“We’re going to set up stations at the main campus doors so people can drop off their food when they come to class so they won’t have to carry it all day with them until they get to fourth period,” Owens said.

Not only is Student Council putting bins in the front of the school for canned goods, they’ve also found other ways to get students aware of the food drive competition.

“We’ve been making posters and a lot of our Student Council members are really excited about ‘trashing the Tigers’ in this can drive, so they’ve been spreading the word as well,” senior John Fuller said. “We’re pumped about helping the food bank and beating Consol!”

Although collecting food for needy families is the most important part of the food drive, a motivating factor for many students is another opportunity to beat Consol.

“We really push the ‘Against Consol’ thing to get the rivalry going,” junior Hailey Smith said. “I just know we want to beat Consol, because it was really close last year. We almost tied.”

The food drive will begin Monday, October 3rd and will last the entire week leading up to the Consol game on Friday Night.