The Lying Game, ABC Family’s latest teen hit

Maurissa Ramirez

The Lying Game, ABC Family’s newest show airs Tuesday at 7:00 P.M., is a hit. Though the show is very popular, after watching the first five episodes of ABC family’s latest teen drama, I’ve found that it seems to be just like another hit series: Pretty Little Liars.

The central concept of both shows is almost identical, teenage girls going behind the backs of the people they know to cover up the truth. With Pretty Little Liars, the girls are trying to cover up something wrong they did during the summer when their best friend went missing. The Lying Game consists of twin sisters covering for each other, while one of them tries to find their birth mother who gave them both up for adoption. The two girls were separated at birth and, after a chance meeting, decided to change places.

Throughout the first five episodes, the families keep the girls in the dark about their pasts, which further fuels the girls desire to uncover the secrets surrounding their birth. As the story progresses, the girls have to find new ways to hide their secret and deal with the fears of being caught.

The first episode was surprisingly good since I went into it with low expectations. I thought it was just another teen drama that everyone fawns over, but the show had me on the edge of my seat. From then on I set my DVR to record it each week.

The main character, Sutton, played  by Alexandra Chando, portrays twins very well. Being cast as two different people must be tough, and includes ridiculous filming hours. The twins are two totally different people, making the job more difficult, but she did a great job overall.

The Lying Game is a bit like other shows out right now, but it’s still very unique. Although there are many teenage dramas out right now, The Lying Game has certain aspects to it that are so different: twin girls switching places in a race to find out the truth about their birth mother. The suspense within the show keeps audiences coming back for more .

After the airing of The Lying Game, ratings weren’t that great, but as the show progressed, it gained more viewers and has become another hit for the network.