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All things being equal: Queen still reigns on small screen

Jasmine Samis March 9, 2022

I’m the type of person who ends up getting tired or bored with certain television shows, especially if they have something to do with crime. However, there’s one show that’s changed my perspective:...

Dramas cross cultural lines to entertain, fascinate

Jasmine Samis January 7, 2021

Korean and Chinese dramas get a lot of hate from the American population, but it doesn't really make sense why because they are fascinating.  Sure, the language barrier deters many viewers, but there...

Netflix original series Insatiable leaves viewers unsatisfied as crass humor and negativity dominate plot

Savannah Arenas September 10, 2018

This article contains spoilers, so if you intend on watching Netflix’s new show Insatiable, read ahead at your own risk. On August 10 of this year, Netflix released a new dramedy series created by...

Nine-nine problems but comedy ain’t one

Lucy Raleigh February 24, 2018

Investigations, perpetrators, sirens, and drama: all essential components to the American cop show. On today’s television networks, shows like N.C.I.S. and C.S.I. dominate the police and crime genre,...

New spin on medical drama leaves audiences rushing to the operating room

Alexis Martinez November 3, 2017

“We need an O.R quick! Nurse hand me a 10 blade please, patient’s in cardiac arrest! We're losing them!” We've listened to these medical phrases through series after series on the television screen....

Classic comic book finds new life as teen drama series

Abby Mendez September 20, 2017

With cinematic universes like Marvel and DC, it’s evident that this particular genre is popular, and as someone who enjoys these movies and shows, I never thought I would find anything else like them....

Some things never change: Netflix revitalizes old series, gains new viewers with universal themes

Megan Krenek May 2, 2017

High school cliques. What typically comes to mind are the stereotypical geeks, bad boys, freaks, and full of these the run-of-the-mill popular teens in school. Freaks and Geeks is a tv show centered in...

Series brings Glee to viewers through song

Lucy Raleigh January 18, 2017

Linoleum floor tiles, walls of lockers, crowded hallways, clique after clique after clique… At the thought of these things, the typical high school tends to comes to mind. Of course not all high schools...

How I met my favorite show: Character relationships create quality sitcom focused on friendship

Reagan Brown December 13, 2016

“She has to spend her summers in North Carolina. She needs to be athletic but preferably play tennis. Once a day she has to take the challenge of crossword puzzles. She has to play some type of instrument...

Audiences flock to Shondaland for thrills, drama

Madison Little October 20, 2016

Shonda Rhimes: a name heard around the world. With Netflix booming and people wanting to binge watch the latest television shows, social media is overloaded with information on the newest television series....

Once upon a reality: Series creates live action drama with classic fairy tale stories

Mackenzie Johnson October 13, 2016

“And they lived happily ever after” … words that so many of us fell asleep to as children, but as we grow, we may think that it’s foolish to believe that we can have a happily ever after and life...

We’re all in this together: Disney musical classic for current generation

Payton McKeehan October 6, 2016

In January of 2006, children tuned into the Disney Channel to watch the new movie, High School Musical, as an afternoon distraction. Unbeknownst to them, they were witnessing the premiere of a classic....

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