Paranormal Activity scares up big audience

Paranormal Activity 3 hit theaters October 21 as the third and last installment of the Paranormal Activity series that debuted back in 2007.

The original Paranormal Activity began with Katie and fiance Micah, who were experiencing ghostly, demonic events in their home. Katie admits to being haunted since she was a young girl, and continues to be haunted throughout the movie. They attempt to rid their home of this demonic spirit, all while filming their altercations as they happen in real time. The first movie ends with Katie seemingly possessed after killing her fiance Micah, with her whereabouts unknown.

Paranormal Activity 2 features the events that occur before the first Paranormal Activity movie, with a focus on Katie’s sister, Kristi. The movie ends with Katie killing both Kristi and Kristi’s husband, and then disappearing with their son, Hunter.

Paranormal Activity 3 goes even further back in time, to when Kristi and Katie were children. This is the first instance that the demons appeared. Throughout the movie the presence of the demonic spirit is present, locking Katie in closets, and keeping a close relationship with Kristi. Dennis, Kristi and Katie’s mother’s boyfriend, notice the strange occurrences and set up cameras throughout the house. Things escalate when the figure attacks Katie, and puts everyone’s life in danger. At that point, the family packs up and leaves to go to Katie and Kristi’s grandmother’s home.

I definitely left the movie theater terrified. I’m not exactly big on horror films, but I liked this one. It had a solid storyline, that I could easily follow, which surprised me, usually prequels tend to be boring, and disappointing. This movie was everything I expected, and you could tell from the screams in the theater that people were frightened. The ending was the best part, as the last 20 minutes left me curled up in a ball, scared to look up at the screen, with a surprising twist that tied all three movies together.

I give this movie two thumbs up, and recommend anyone over the age of 17 to go see it. You won’t be left disappointed.