Twilight fades into darkness with fourth movie

Monserrat Madrazo

I walked into a field of beautiful flowers waiting for him to appear. I had seen him before. He was tall and had gorgeous hair that was at least three feet high…and he sparkled. Maybe that’s what made him look so greasy and in need of a shower.

Breaking Dawn Part 1, the first half of the final installment of the Twilight Saga, premiered November 18. Twilight fans have been looking forward to this movie since the credits from the last movie rolled. All of this waiting was just wasted time.

The movie was a disappointment. A lot of the major points from the book were not included, and the parts that did make the final cut were not how Stephanie Meyer had originally written them in the books. One part that I felt was important, but wasn’t included, was Jacob’s point of view on different events that are vital to truly understand the story, like how he truly felt about spending so much time with the Cullens. He wasn’t as quiet as in the movie; he spoke his mind and started trouble whenever he could.

Their wedding night was probably the most awkward part of the movie. Though the movie was rated PG-13, this scene seemed to push the limits, when a hint to the overall experience would have been sufficient.

There was also a complete lack of good special effects, which I find ironic for a movie with such a big budget ($127 million). The baby looked ridiculous; a blind person could tell that the baby was fake. She looked like a cartoon character and nothing like an actual human. Also, the way they portrayed Bella’s back breaking during labor was gross. It was totally unrealistic and looked completely animated. The poor use of visual effects diminished the believability of the entire movie.

Everything about this movie was mediocre, from the acting and special effects to the plot. I would not even consider wasting my money again on this movie. If I wanted to see bad acting and have a good laugh, I would have stayed home and watched Syfy movies.