46 years and counting; a legacy of excellence

Marisa Lindeman

As generations of students move through the halls of Bryan High, one teacher has been there through it all; Coach Rose Gregg. For 46 years, Gregg has continued to push students for excellence.

Fellow staff members say that Gregg’s sole purpose in working here is for the benefits of the students.

“She has a heart for kids,” head monitor Lester Banks said.  “To me, personally, she’s one of the coaches that will go out and help you and keep you on track. She is willing to do anything she can to go out and help kids.”

Gregg’s specialty in coaching helped her and her students come a long way in the school’s track program, which she started. Even though Gregg is no longer involved with track, her influence on the program remains.

“We won state in girl’s track in 1980,” Gregg said. “That was definitely my most memorable moment.”

During Gregg’s time coaching, it was evident that Gregg had an impact on each runner in the track program.

“One of my students happened to win that year, and she gave Gregg all of the credit for her achievement,” family and consumer science teacher Nina Wright said. “Gregg really goes above and beyond for what needs to be done for these kids.”

Besides Gregg’s career in coaching the track program, she has also been involved in many other programs to make sure students got involved.

“I also started the cross country program,” Gregg said. “I coached JV volleyball with coach Janis Williamson, and I helped Ruth Whitely with basketball. ”

As a previous student of Coach Gregg’s, Banks says that he appreciates Gregg’s guidance through the course of his high school education.

“She is the person who really was there when I needed her,” Banks said. “She motivated me, inspired me and made me be all I could be.”

Banks is not the only one who Gregg has had a huge influence on, though. In fact, Gregg currently runs the intramural program where students of all talents meet before or after school to have a chance to participate in a sport.

“She helps kids immeasurably,”  Wright said. “I guess she’s kind of like a role model in that respect. To her, the students come first”

Despite the fact that Gregg still plans to stay at Bryan High for as long as possible, she does plan on retiring one day, but will continue to always give back.

“My sister says that one day they’re going to have to come here and pack me off. I enjoy doing what I do,” Gregg said. “So if one day I do retire, I still plan on helping others, visiting the nursing homes and my part time job of mine – I like to play bingo. ”

When the day arrives when Gregg makes the decision to retire, students and teachers alike say she will be missed.

“All she wants to do, is do what she taught me to do, make the right choices, be the right person and be somebody,” Banks said.