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Bulls eye: Faculty, students enjoy darts competition as way to relax, meet new people

Madison Little March 30, 2017

Consistency, accuracy, precision are all characteristics associated with athletes and the sports they participate, but most people overlook darts as a competition because it's seen mostly as a hobby where...

Buban pledges longevity, stability in coming years

Jesse Baxter October 16, 2013

“I want this campus to be successful across the board in all areas. That includes academics, that includes fine arts, and that includes athletics.” The goal of our new principal, Lane Buban, is crystal...

Teacher hopes students act out in class

Regina Flores December 11, 2012

Many students spend their whole high school and college careers trying to figure out what they want to do with their life, but every once in a while a student knows the direction of their future early...

Communication, culture, community created through language acquisition

Maurissa Ramirez November 27, 2012

Teaching two languages is something of a challenge, but for Anja Schwalen, this comes naturally. Growing up in Germany and studying abroad in Spain, pushed her to want to teach Spanish and German in America....

Changing future by learning about past

Abel Lara April 4, 2012

While some teachers swear by textbook teaching and rote learning, others open up new avenues of communication in the classroom to reach their students. However history teacher Ruth Whiteley brings a fresh...

Teacher’s travels impact classroom

Emma Raleigh March 7, 2012

At an average high school, you may not expect to meet someone who’s traveled the world, but French teacher Tara Bailey takes her first-hand experiences from traveling and uses them to open her students’...

46 years and counting; a legacy of excellence

Marisa Lindeman February 15, 2012

As generations of students move through the halls of Bryan High, one teacher has been there through it all; Coach Rose Gregg. For 46 years, Gregg has continued to push students for excellence. Fellow...

Capturing hearts, minds of students by sculpting relationships

Eva Araujo January 11, 2012

A photograph. A moment frozen in time. A memory captured and preserved in tiny megapixels. Photography is just a a hobby for some, but for art teacher John Burrows photography is a passion. Burrows has...

Teacher mixes wit into curriculum

Stephani Whisenant December 7, 2011

Begin with a base of vocabulary, grammar and literature. Throw in a touch of dry wit, a dollop of hard work and bake...for 9,405 minutes. The result? Department Chair Lisa Prejean’s English classes....

Coaching experience caters to classroom chemistry

Davis Downey November 18, 2011

Former coach Eric Eike has been bringing sports into the classroom for 25 years, teaching with the same philosophy he applied on the field. His method of teaching reflects the style of a former coach,...

Teacher steps out of the classroom, gets involved in student life

Stephani Whisenant October 12, 2011

While some subjects are more theoretical, others are designed for specific professions. Graphic Design teacher Ted Vaughan teaches one of these courses. Vaughan has been teaching architectural design...

Morris helps students calculate individual approach to math

Emma Raleigh September 14, 2011

Though math is a subject most students struggle with, good teachers can make the subject less of a hurdle and even instill a sense of respect for the subject. Jill Morris, math teacher and department chair,...

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