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DJ Diversity: Singing to the wrong beat

Dubstep; One of yet another teenage trend that goes from being the hottest thing on the block to “those songs with weird beats”. Don’t get me wrong, dubstep is one of the greatest contemporary music genres of our time, but by incorporating it into practically every song that is released, its sacredness has gone to waste.

This computer-generated music has only been in existence for the last five years or so, but the popularity of it has sprouted beyond belief. Groups, such as Deadmau5 and Skrillex, have left an extraordinary mark on radio stations across America, and it seems like other artists want to get in on the action.

The collaboration of dubstep and other genres all began with the pop sensation Rihanna. “You Da One,” one of the hit songs on her recently released album Loud, incorporated a series of dubstep beats throughout the song. The song was great, but it wasn’t Rihanna.

It isn’t a negative trait for artist, like Rihanna, to add in different types of elements to their music, but what happened to the individuality of the whole ordeal? Rihanna is already a unique artist, so what makes her think that she has to add other types of music that doesn’t connect to her style whatsoever?

Rihanna is incredibly successful because she stood away from the crowd, and now she is cutting right back into the mainstream by adding in dupstep, like every other artist.

Rihanna isn’t the only artist to join the dubstep bandwagon, other artist that you would never expect have also jumped on – Coldplay. Coldplay has always been known for the soothing music that practically brings tears to your eyes after listening to it. So exactly how did this suave band go from being a tearjerker to electronic madness?

In their newly released album Mylo Xyloto, dubstep was a key factor to the songs’ composition. While first listening to the album, I was expecting to hear another round of heart-felt music, but I was surprised with yet another group who added in dubstep to their songs.

Like Rihanna, the band Coldplay also holds a unique place in the music industry. Both of these artists have no reason to change their records just to be like other dubstep groups. Fans show interest in their music because their own style of music matches theirs. So why lose fans just to be like other legitimate dubstep artists?

The moral of the story is that successful artists who have already made millions off of their own flavor of music shouldn’t leave their individuality behind and join in on dubstep or any other trendy thing that might come along. Music is about expressing yourself, not about expressing other artist’s ideas.

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