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Beautiful things makes other artists Green with envy

Anthony Green’s music career kick-started with the formation of his post hardcore band Saosin. Popular for their lyrical and musical composition, Saosin quickly rose to fame. The increasing fame and rising conflict over the direction the band was headed led to Green’s departure in 2004.

Green later formed his current band Circa Survive. Alongside his work with Circa Survive, Green embarked on a solo project. His first solo album Avalon was released in 2008 and peaked at number 44 on the Billboard 200.

After the success of his first solo album, Green went on to release Beautiful Things on Jan 17, 2012. To promote his new album, Green embarked on tour.

Immediately after the announcement of his tour, I was set on going. The concert was to be held on a Thursday, so immediately after school, my friend and I made the two hour drive to Mohawks music venue in Austin.

By the time we arrived in Austin and picked up our tickets, it was 7:00, and the concert was starting. Luckily, Mohawks is a large three-story outdoor music venue. The first floor, which housed the stage, was packed, with no chance of us being able to fight our way to the front. Instead, we took an alternate route and tried the second floor.

Once we reached the second floor, we found a tiny niche that looked directly onto the stage. We quickly nabbed the spots and waited for Anthony Green. to take the stage We didn’t realize how great of a spot we had, it was a a direct view of the stage 9 feet below, with the added bonus of a view of the entire backstage.

As the concert began, the opening act The Dear Hunter, an indie rock band from Rhode Island played their set. Surprisingly, their music was filled with powerful vocals as well as various keyboard breaks.

Halfway through their set I looked to my right to see what was going on backstage, and then I saw Green leaning against a wall. He stood there bobbing his head to The Dear Hunter’s music. I couldn’t contain myself.

As The Dear Hunter wrapped up their set and the crew moved in to re-adjust the stage, I saw Green preparing to go on stage. I did the unthinkable,and in a split second I opened my mouth and yelled “Anthony Green, I love you.” He immediately turned around, looked me right in the eye, waved and said four magical words “I love you too.”

My heart melted at that point, and I continued to watch as he huddled up with his backup band and then made his way onto stage. Backing him on his solo tour were friends and members of the band The Good Old War, a perfect selection to back Green’s melodies.

The band started out by playing “She Loves Me So”, a crowd favorite from Greens first album Avalon. The entire crowd sang along to the love song as Green belted out the beautiful melodies. The concert went on and featured more favorites like “Babygirl” and “Drug Dealer”. Both songs exemplified his range as he flawlessly moved from screaming to serenading us with his voice.

As the concert progressed, Green alternated between singing songs from Avalon as well as his new album Beautiful Things. Songs like “If I Don’t Sing” were already well known by the crowd. It featured classic Green with his voice at the forefront, with upbeat guitar and drums. He had the crowd involved with this one, holding his microphone out and having us sing the chorus of the song.

Another popular song featured from the new album was “When I’m On Pills”, a slower song. the crowd swayed side to side as we all were dazzled by the sound of Greens voice. As the chorus repeated the words “I love you”, the crowd joined in once again, which I personally enjoyed.

Green made sure the crowd was satisfied throughout the concert, taking suggestions from the crowd on the next songs he should play. He even featured one of his songs from his band Circa Survive, playing “Get Out”, which was the perfect selection to pump up the crowd once again. Green screamed out lyrics, and the crowed moved with the music.

A surprise that many, including myself, did not expect was him singing a song from former band Saosin. I had never imagined that I’d have the opportunity to hear him singing any of their songs after his departure from the band. The music started slow at first, but then I heard the familiar opening drumming to “Seven Years”.

I felt the music fill every bone in my body, and as I held back tears, I closed my eyes and for a moment, I was lost in the music.

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