Living in moment, artist mesmerizes in person

One of the best days of my life was when I saw my favorite artist Kid Cudi. My best friend and I waited outside in the burning hot sun for hours at the Cedar Park Center just to get a glimpse of the man himself.

As we found our seats, they were playing some of Cudi’s most popular songs on the loudspeaker. The lights began to darken and smoke started filling the air as his opening act, Chip Tha Ripper walked onto stage and the crowd began to roar.

Before Chip got started, he gave a little speech that was just perfect for the night, he said that everything that was happening outside of the arena doors didn’t exist, for the night we were just there in the moment.

Chip started off with some good uplifting songs that got the crowd united. Although Chip put on a good show I was anticipating Cudi’s performance more than anything. Chip said his goodbyes, and then the wait began for Cudi.

Fifteen minutes later, Cudi finally appeared. The only thing you could hear were the hundreds; of screaming fans chanting his name.

Listening to Kid Cudi live compared to a recorded version is completely different because of the atmosphere. When there’s thousands of Kid Cudi fans crammed together, sweating and singing the lyrics in unison there is nothing that could compare. It’s also different because on a recorded version you don’t really see the artist’s mannerisms and passion, but when live you can feel the presence and energy as if Kid Cudi is singing right to you.

In all honesty, I could never truly pick a favorite Kid Cudi song, but one of my favorites has to be Man on the Moon. It’s fast paced beats combined with a rhythmic melody is the perfect combination to go along with Cudi’s voice. The lyrics in Man on the Moon really speak to me because he’s completely honest. He talks about how he’s different than your average person and that people doubt him and think he’s weird, but he just doesn’t care. Cudi’s message in the song is to stay above the hate and just live your life the way you want. Getting to hear  Man on the Moon live was an incredible experience because it’s one of Cudi’s older songs and he doesn’t really perform it anymore.

Another one of my favorites is Embrace the Martian. It’s a fast paced synth beat with a futuristic sound. Kid Cudi feels that you should embrace the “weird” in you. He just wants people to join him in being themselves. A lot of his songs revolve around this concept and that’s what allows me to connect to his music so much.

Although Cudi has a sound unlike any other, if you like Wale, Lupe Fiasco or Common, you might enjoy Kid Cudi too. All three of these artist have a style that’s different from your average rapper. They actually rap about real life situations, not just drugs and violence.

Overall the concert was just a really good time. Not only was the audience  filled with good vibes, but we could tell Cudi really enjoyed himself too. After seeing Kid Cudi live I could honestly die happy. He’s the one who sang me to sleep during my rough times and his music helped change my perspective on life and is part of what made me who I am today.