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Sink your teeth into November

Be prepared to purchase tickets, grab some popcorn, and find a seat because the end of The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is here. The final installment of the multi-billion dollar franchise will hit theaters nationwide Nov 16 and I plan on being one of the many in line for the midnight premiere.

For years I have been addicted to nearly anything that mentions the names Bella or Edward, and with the final movie coming soon, my excitement won’t stop short.

Ever since the pale faces of Forks, Washington have hit the media, Bella and Edward’s forbidden love story is practically all that humanity, and I want to know about. From Bella and Edward’s newly found relationship in Twilight, the almost Jacob and Bella in New moon, a battle against the Volturi and a vengeful vampire army in Eclipse, to the marriage and newborn child of Bella and Edward in Breaking Dawn: Part 1, my love for the series remains strong.

Looking back and comparing the first movie to the subsequent films shows many distinctions, including the quality, the violent combat scenes, and the extensive fan base.

Since the money from the movies and books started to come in and characters quickly became household names, much has been modified since Twilight’s popularity took flight. Their fame has bettered the series because the more profit it makes, the better the production and that means more positive feedback from moviegoers.

The attention the films have received has also forced the actors to take a rather large step into the spotlight. With every new up and coming actor comes the paparazzi, the tabloids, and the eye-catching headlines. With few positives, come many negatives and the Twilight stars have had their fair share of both.Positive bonuses have lead the actors to not only make more money in this industry, but has also allowed them to flourish into other starring roles. Kristen Stewart has since played Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman, while Robert Pattinson went on to play roles like Jacob in Water for Elephants.

Negative aspects that come along with stardom include the bad press that sprung up at every newsstand, harsh critiques given by professionals, and scandals including the recent Kristen Stewart affair; can damage the reputation of these stars and affect the outcome of their future projects to come.

Many people think Kristen Stewart is a one-dimensional actress with no emotion. In the first film, that was exactly what ran through my mind. How could she possibly have been chosen to portray this character with such little expressions and emotion? Is what I continuously thought. Although as the movies continued, I became more and more accepting of her acting and my annoyance with her being dispassionate faded.

Even so, these factors will not stop me from making my way to the theaters on opening night. To me, these movies are somewhat of an escape from reality. For just about two hours in a dim room I can live in a place where werewolves run freely and vampires battle to the end, allowing me to feel as if I’m a part of it all. The connections and bonds between the characters, make it all the more real and intense, which can sometimes be hard to find in films. The scenarios portrayed truly captivate me in such a way that it’s kept me continuously coming back for more, and with the final film approaching, I am looking forward to seeing the most amazing scenery, animation and special effects that the films have had to date.

The final flick will continue from the cliffhanger of Part 1 that left me wanting more. It will focus on what happens after the birth of Edward and Bella’s daughter, Renesmee, who has caused many issues for the temporarily happy family. Not to mention the fact that just when Jacob was set in his hatred for the fast growing newborn, he imprints, meaning that he saw the love of his life in her, thus making Renesmee the only person he will love. Alliances will have to be made and some may rise or fall. New characters will also be thrown into the mix, while viewers such as myself, will finally be granted the opportunity to see Bella in her new immortal status.

Until the movie comes out, I will have the past four movies on repeat as my anticipation grows. So hold on my fellow vampire and werewolf fans, because Nov 16 will be here quicker than we realize.

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