Million Dollar Movie Date

Justin Sanders

Planning on a cheap date to the movies? Think again. After buying the tickets comes the one thing that makes a good date; the snacks. A large popcorn would be great to share, but unless you plan on taking out a small bank loan, you are now stuck with the small bag and having to smuggle in a water and a bag of skittles underneath your jacket.

Movie snack prices have skyrocketed. Does it really cost $6.50 to pop kernels of corn with artificial butter on them? A box of 12 bags of popcorn from the store is $3.50 for 12 bags and theaters want to rake in almost double that for a single bag of popcorn. In the past two years, prices have more than doubled, and is there a need for them to be doubled?

If you get popcorn you will need something to keep yourself from dying of cottonmouth, so prepare to shell out five another $5 for a drink that you could buy at any fast food place for less than $2. Sure, it comes with refills, but getting $5 worth of refills during one movie probably won’t happen.

Movie theaters post signs that say “no outside food or drinks allowed” but if they really want people to follow these rules, maybe they should try making the prices more reasonable. Though it would be hard to sneak a bag of popcorn into a movie theater, you can still bring candy and other small snacks to enjoy throughout the movie. By wearing your biggest cargo shorts and filling your pockets with candy.

Why not stay at home, rent a movie, invite some friends over and make a quick run to the grocery store to grab some of your favorite snacks. Even if it costs the same, you can watch the movie in the comfort of your own home and not worry about other people disturbing the movie. If that movie isn’t yet out on dvd, the option is always there to go early before 6:00 p.m and the prices are nearly cut in half.

Cheaper options could be First Friday in Downtown Bryan where the only thing to pay for would be dinner. Downtown always has free entertainment, like concerts and movies shown on First Fridays. If you just walk around downtown there will always be something interesting to find and there are plenty of other places that you can go to without spending money on expensive snack foods.