Little part of big sports legacy

“Sports are all I’ve ever known,” senior Brittany Little said.

With Brittany’s father being a former professional baseball player and brother playing sports throughout high school, Brittany’s been around athletics since birth.

“Ever since I was born, my whole life has revolved around sports, that’s pretty much all I’ve ever known,” Little said. “Since my dad was so big on baseball I was around that so much that I think it carried over into me. Our family is very close, my brother and I have grown up together and pretty much do everything together. He’s taught me so many things that I don’t think I would have [learned] as an only child.”

Like most sibling rivalries, Little and her brother share a competitive relationship. What sets Brittany apart from other sibling rivalries is her ability to channel that competitive spirit to fuel her passion for sports and improve her skills.

“Of course I do look up to him,” Little said. “Growing up, my goal was to beat my brother in as many things as I could. It didn’t matter what it was, from video games to sports, I had to win. We’ve always been that competitive with each other, even to this day. I think that’s what drives both of us.”

Growing up, Little was involved in an array of sports ranging from volleyball to softball to soccer and has remained active through most of her childhood and high school career.

“Volleyball gives me the opportunity to play a different kind of sport that isn’t so much contact [and] with a completely different group of girls,” Little said. “Since soccer is what I mainly do, I have that year round and volleyball is a great break from that.”

Little has spent the majority of her high school career balancing Viking soccer and club soccer, traveling to Austin 2-3 times a week to attend practices and games.

“The fact that she is able to handle high school soccer, volleyball and club, as well as keep her grades up is remarkable,” Coach Amy Pettibone said. “It shows what determination can do to someone, she truly knows no boundaries or limits for what she can accomplish.”

As captain of the soccer team, Little is able to use her leadership skills in an effort to help younger players improve their own abilities. By doing so, Little brings out the best in her team and herself.

“Brittany has helped us by always being motivated,” sophomore Tori Saenz said. “She pushes us to do our best and always be dedicated, work hard, play hard and you’ll get things done and you’ll get what you want.”

Little says she is always worked towards a goal of continuing on with soccer and from a young age pursued the opportunity of furthering her career. She now works towards transitioning her high school career in soccer to a college career.

“It was my main goal since elementary school was to make it to college with soccer, that was what I dreamed of and knew I one day had to accomplish.” Little said.
With several schools keeping an eye on Little throughout the years, when the time came to make a decision, Little knew Texas Christian University was the right school for her.

“It felt surreal to have a scholarship from TCU,” Little said. “It’s not really something everyone gets everyday. There are only so many athletes that have the privilege of receiving scholarships and fortunately enough I was honored to be one of those athletes.”

Little will continue to use the techniques in time management, balancing activities, as well as athletic skills that she has implemented throughout high school as she makes the transition into her freshman year at TCU.

“Her knowledge of the game, field vision, and the fact that she’s been playing since she could walk gives her a heads up on a lot of people and kids in the program,” Pettibone said. “She’s a natural competitor and has been a great leader and captain since her sophomore year and come game time we know Brittany’s going to play, we never have to question whether or not she’ll bring her best to the table, its always there for her.”

With high school soccer coming to a close after this season, teammates and younger players wish her the best, but are sad to see such a strong player leave.

“Brittany and I have talked and joked around a lot this year,” said Saenz. “She’s given me a few pointers that have helped us bond and play better as a team together, even though we’ve had our losses, she helped me so much. I’ll never forget that.”

No matter what role soccer plays in Brittanys future, it will continue to have a lasting impact on all facets of her life.

“Soccer has taught me to be dedicated, it has helped me stay on a straight path that has lead me to the success I have today. Its the dedication and drive that I was taught through soccer that’s probably my best quality and has made me the player I am today.”