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Just for kicks : Senior soccer player enjoys success on field

Arissa Mejia February 20, 2020

The opposing team has the ball, and they're dribbling down the soccer field, getting ready to kick the ball into the net to score. Senior Yanni Vasilakis stands at the center-mid of the field and waits...

Just for kicks: Senior soccer player leads team by example

Savannah Arenas February 13, 2019

The seconds on the game clock countdown signaling the end of the last period of play. There’s only one chance for the opposing team to make a goal. A herd of cleats tear at the field in an attempt to...

Chasing goals: Senior soccer player views team as family, signs to continue playing in college

Arissa Mejia February 7, 2019

The opposing team has the ball as they head down the soccer field preparing to kick the it into the net to make the winning goal. One girl stands between the ball and another point for the opposing team...

Soccer helps senior stay focused on goals

Emily Phariss February 20, 2018

Most people dream of playing in big league sports. For many, it’s only a dream which transforms into watching what could have been from behind a screen. For one boy at Bryan High, that might not be the...

Game on: Soccer senior’s spirit helps score wins on, off field

Shannon Keyser February 8, 2018

Bright lights, goals, black and white checkered balls rolling across the grass, this is the scene which allows senior Ryka Shea to be in her element. As she passes the ball to the offense, she catches...

Junior soccer player proves endurance is key on, off field

Anna Beth Mayerhoff March 6, 2017

Athletes connect to their sports at a deep level as they spend hours honing their skills and making sacrifices for their craft. Soccer players must maintain a level of endurance not required in many other...

Attitude, work ethic help sophomore score leadership position

Jennyfer Tucker February 21, 2017

Sweat drips down his face. Adrenaline pumps through his body as he sprints up and down the field. A game plan runs quickly through his mind as he decides his next move before an opponent attempts to steal...

Kickin’ it: Senior soccer player supports teammates on, off field

Payton McKeehan March 3, 2016

For years, senior Nick Cargo has spent hours playing soccer with his sister, peers from school, and club teammates. Evolving from the little kid who could barely keep up with the ball to the athlete who...

#Goals: Senior earns scholarship to continue playing in college

Danica Mendes March 1, 2016

Training, leading, and determination are some qualities to make a great athlete. By watching her sister play and contributed by playing on her own team, senior Rebecca Adcock has attributed those qualities....

Freshman athlete demonstrates leadership on varsity team

Danica Mendes March 6, 2015

Working with scissors and construction paper, learning to read independently, forming letters on three lined paper - all these skills, children begin to learn as five year olds. Freshman Angel Quiroga...

Soccer senior helps team improve, looks towards playoffs

Jesse Baxter March 3, 2015

While some people enjoy solitary sports such as swimming, skiing, or golf, others prefer team sports that bring people together, such as football, hockey, or soccer. Senior Gayle Konderla has been on the...

Dual Functionality: Senior uses soccer as a learning experience, outlet for enjoyment

Andrea Mendes April 21, 2014

While some students pursue big dreams as sports superstars, others are content with simply playing a sport they enjoy. For senior Ben Gonzales, soccer has been a fun physical outlet as he juggles school,...

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