Could you be next? Horror film overly gruesome, distracting from plot

Gabby Martinez

Arrow through the head? Axe to the face? Try a wire through the throat perhaps? Hope your stomach can handle it, because in this movie you get it all. Suspense, suspense, suspense, the only word that comes to mind after watching the horror film You’re Next. The blood and gore will have you cringing in your seat, as you anticipate the next kill.
The movie starts off by showing a typical American family coming together for the holidays, with loving parents who want to see their children. What starts off as a family dinner soon turns into a bloody catastrophe, with family members being killed off one-by-one. No one understands what’s going on, or who is behind these attacks, as three masked men terrorize the family. Who knew a bunny, sheep, and wolf masks could be so terrifying? The turmoil seems to pour from the movie screen into the theater. This movie is like a car crash, you want to look away, but you just can’t tear your eyes away from the machetes and axes getting bludgeoned in the heads of one innocent family.
However actress Sharni Vinson, who plays Erin, refuses to be a damsel in distress. She doesn’t stop to ask questions; she takes action. Hammer to the back of the head, and a 6 inch nail board shoved into a foot are a few of the techniques she uses to defend herself and the family.
One-by-one she takes out 3 of the masked murderers.The plot twist is fantastic, because no one sees it coming. Lets just say this family isn’t what you’d call funtional.
When Erin comes to the realization, of who is behind the murders her heart breaks. Driving her more to finish what she started.
The scenes were way too bloody, I felt sick halfway through the movie. That was the first movie, however, that I honestly believed the actors were “scared”. In any other typical horror movie the screams look entirely too fake. Overall this movie had a great plot and impeccable acting, but the scenes were too much for me and most of the audience. They overdid the gore, to an extreme. The movie had the audience literally looking away from screen every 5 minutes. It had the manliest man cringing in his seat. I wouldn’t suggest this movie to the faint hearted. I understand capturing an audiences attention, but I don’t think nausea is a category at the Oscars.