Drake takes over: Somewhere between psychotic and iconic

After storming the charts with his flawless Take Care album, Drake sat back and made millions, but his success did not stop there. He continued the late nights in the studio, laying down sick beats and rhymes which are prevalent throughout his new album, Nothing was the Same.

The first time I listened to the album I was disappointed. It seemed like every song was a slightly different version of the prior song on the album, however, when I began to actually listen to the songs, they grew on me and quickly became stuck in my head.

“Tuscan Leather” is the opening track to the CD, and while I have no idea where the name came from, the song is addictive because it uses essentially the same beat throughout. It has no chorus and no repetitive nature to it, just Drizzy flowing on a beat for a full 7 minutes.

“Furthest Thing” describes how Drake has changed from being just a young boy on a TV show to the rap scene’s biggest artist and how he is the furthest thing from perfect and is constantly scheming on the down low about what is to come.

“Started from the Bottom” is next, and while it has been released for about a year, it has found its home in the album and completes the story of how Drake came from nothing to his crew being at the top.

“Wu-Tang Forever” and “Own It” are essentially complements of each other. In “Own It”, Drake reveals his feelings to an unknown girl and tells her that she can have everything that he worked for. “Own It” is followed by “Worst Behavior” which reveals to everyone, in case they couldn’t tell, that Drake is not the same nerdy handicap kid on Degrassi; he has grown into the image of hip hop.

“From Time” slows down with a simple beat and is more for the ladies. Drake once agains reveals his soft side and attempts to show that he is ready for a real relationship so that he isn’t 70 and alone.

“Hold On, We’re Going Home” is a song I don’t even want to discuss due to the radio ruining the song by playing it every 5 minutes.

From “Connect” to the end of the album ranks among the best songs Drake has ever recorded. “Connect” shows how he still is with the same people and still reps Toronto as his town. He also mentions how girls can twist things for their advantage.

“The Language” is about his vast amount of money, how he can do anything with it, and how he will never understand people who are jealous of him. “305 To My City” continues the theme and shows more of his come up. It also mentions the unknown girl again who seems to appear in just about every song on the album.

“Too Much” reveals how Drake doesn’t think about his decisions. He just goes with the flow and continues YOLO from H.Y.F.R in Take Care.

“ Pound Cake/ Paris Mortin Music 2” is, hands down, the best song on the album. Drake and Jay-Z destroy the song and make it the most entertaining and clever song on the album. It glorifies their vast amounts of money and how “cash rules everything around” them. No one can stop the powerhouse they created on this track.

“Come Thru” brings back the unknown girl and tells her to come over because they have “things to do”. He mentions how it’s hard to focus on anything with so many things going on around him. He is apparently always looking out for this girl and patiently waiting for her.

“All Me” wraps up the album, and rightfully so. I believe this album is as real as we will ever see Drake. Everything he has accomplished has come from his efforts, and while there may be those who disagree, my opinion of Drake places him with the title of The Greatest Rapper Alive.