Decade of tragedy and romance keeps audience guessing

Gabby Martinez

The “ideal” heat of a kiss is fueled by two things: passion and environment. Usually, the environment of an on-call room in a hospital and the passion of a surgeon don’t fit the average person’s “ideal” kiss. For characters Meredith Grey and Derick Sheperd on the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, this was more than the perfect environment and the passion you may ask? Entirely effortless.

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama based in of Seattle, Washington where five interns out of medical school fight to compete for a residency at the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital. Meredith Grey, is one of the fiercest competitors, and she finds herself through the seasons, as the writers take us along her journey.

Through ten seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has astounded critics and audiences alike. I, too, have fallen victim to the fever of this hot show.

The pressure to be an amazing surgeon is intense and real in this series. Emotionally, the job was draining for every character with romances which causes the main drama in the series since the first episodes. I lived vicariously through every character. The cast was not only believable, but very personable.
From what seemed like the perfect relationship between Meredith and Derick to the complexity between Christina and Owen, I stayed glued to television every week. The writers did an amazing job with leaving every fan wanting more by the ending credits.

Ten seasons of heartbreak, love stories, and scientific growth turned out to be a five-star experience in my book. Even after nine years, the writers still have surprises up their sleeves. Through the episodes, viewers have learned to expect the unexpected, as the most interesting concept about this show is how it’s not just another show about quarreled lovers.
Grey’s Anatomy gives you a reality about the true diseases in the world: people have real problems other than relationships. Anyone can relate to this show and personalize with at least one episode, if not with couples on the show then the diseases. This show shines light on AIDs, cancer, drug abuse, and more.

The beautiful women and heartthrobs on Greys Anatomy have stolen the hearts of its viewers. The show starts its new season this February, and I will be one of the many sitting on my couch in anticipation for the next on-call hook up.