Hole in D-1: Senior earns place on UTSA golf team, signs letter of intent

Danica Mendes

The crowd falls silent as he steps up to the tee. His club slices through the air with a resounding thud as it connects with the ball, sending it sailing down the fairway and onto the green. Senior Dylan Godfrey then makes his way to the ball to secure another par and stay on track to finish among the top competitors.

Recently, Dylan signed to play golf for the University of Texas San Antonio.

“It felt great to sign with UTSA,” Dylan said. “It’s been something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. It was a dream to sign with a D1 college.”

Golf has played a role in Dylan’s life as long as he can remember with his dad and grandfather both having a long history with the sport. Dylan’s twin brother, Zach Godfrey, also plays for Bryan High and provides an in-house competitive edge that has pushed both brothers to play to their best abilities.

“Playing against Dylan has helped me a lot,” Zach said. “I hate losing, so Dylan pushes me to do better and keep the competition going.”

Golf has not only provided years of competition between the two brothers, but a way for the two brothers to connect and deepen their relationship.

“Golf has brought us closer,” Zach said. “We play golf everyday and we’re always together during and outside of golf. Whenever we play [together], we can talk about things and have a great time.”

Playing golf is a part of the Godfrey family and something Dylan has focused on throughout his life.

“Playing golf comes naturally; I’ve always had a passion for it,” Dylan said. “It’s hard. It’s challenging, but I like the challenge golf provides.”

Over the past 35 years, Dylan is the 9th best one year average golfer with a score of 76.9. His strong suit has been his consistency where he ranks second over the same time period with a 77.4 career average.

“His ability to get up and down around the greens has been a real key,” golf coach Ronald Newhouse said. “That is one reason he rarely ever shoots a high score.  When he scores his best, his accuracy off the tee and in hitting greens in regulation stand out.”

Newhouse said Dylan hasn’t fallen to the pressures and distractions that high school can provide, but instead has capitalized on his assets to succeed.

“Dylan’s greatest benefits have been his desire to play at the college level,” Newhouse said. “His willingness to put in the work and the consistent production that has come as a result are the things that make him a great player. “

Coach Newhouse has seen Dylan improve over the past few years through his hard work and dedication.

“One area [he has improved in] is his emotional control,” Newhouse said. “He can be a fiery guy, and that used to lead to triple bogeys that would ruin his score. He has gradually learned to shake off bad shots, put it behind him, and limit the damage.”

Other than how he has matured emotionally on the course, Newhouse also said Dylan manages the course more thoughtfully.

“So many high school players get caught up in how far they hit the ball, and Dylan went through some of that,” Newhouse said. “He will not likely sacrifice accuracy for extra distance unless that is what the layout of the hole dictates.”

It is through these strengths that Newhouse believes the 2014-2015 golf team will find success.

“I expect Dylan to continue to work hard, lower his average, and lead this senior laden team to their best season ever,” Newhouse said. “[His] consistent scoring and consistent high finishes in tournaments throughout his career at BHS [should help make that happen].”