Stars align in movie adaptation of book sensation

Danica Mendes

The movie based on an award winning novel, The Fault In Our Stars is about two teens who have different cancer conditions falling in love after meeting at a cancer support group.

I’ve been hyped to see this movie ever since I read the book a few years ago before I even knew that the book was going to be turned into a movie. I love the way John Green wrote the book, and I knew that the movie had to be similar to it.

In the movie the main character, a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster who has thyroid cancer that has spread to her lungs. At her mother’s orders she attends a support group for cancer patients. During a meeting, Hazel meets Augustus Waters whose osteosarcoma cancer caused him to lose his leg. Augustus is at the support meeting accompanied by his friend Isaac, who is losing his remaining eye to cancer.

After Hazel and Augustus immediately bonded together, Augustus invites Hazel to his house. The two connected over movies, books and their cancer experiences. The storyline continues as their friendship evolves into something more throughout the movie.

In the movie Hazel is played by Shailene Woodley. She didn’t exactly look the way I imagined she would, but I don’t think they could’ve picked anyone better to play the role due to the passion Woodley put into the character. Augustus is played by Ansel Elgort who also did an outstanding job in the movie. By putting passion into his work and playing Augustus better than anyone could have. He made Augustus come to life by the way he talked, looked, and walked.

Throughout the film I was mesmerized, particularly during a scene when Isaacs girlfriend broke up with him because he lost his eyes to cancer. Augustus decides to get back at Isaac’s ex girlfriend by taking Isaac to her house and egging her car. Although Isaac couldn’t see anything, they had a lot of eggs and Augustus wasn’t leaving until Isaac hit her car with an egg a few times. I enjoyed this scene because Augustus stood up for his friend during a hard time. And even though they did something very risky, they got to made Isaac feel a little better.

Some people may not be into watching a love story or a chick flick, but I guarantee this movie is worth seeing. It’s not your normal love story.