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TV series fosters laughter, tears from audience

Usually there’s always a show or TV series that people like. It has to interest them or relate to them in some way for them to watch and keep up with. For some, it could be a popular series like Orange is the New Black, or Pretty Little Liars.

The series that I prefer watching over anything else is the The Fosters that premieres on ABC Family every Monday night at 8:00PM. I admire and respect the show for the way that it is set up, because of the fact that it relates to people in the real world.

The Fosters is a family drama about five foster kids in a household with two mothers, one a cop and the other a principal. I love the idea of the show, because it is so different. The struggles the characters face are things that are possible in real life.

The members of the cast are, Jake T. Austin, who plays Jesus. He’s the athlete in the show and the one that always has a girl by his side. Sherri Saum plays Lena, is one of the mothers, and  the principal of the local high school. David Lambert plays Brandon, is the music freak and he loves the piano, and is in a band. Teri Polo plays Steph, which is the other mother, (Brandon’s) real mother, and is currently a cop. Hayden Byerly plays Jude, and he is Callie’s biological brother, he also likes to explore different things. Maia Mitchell who plays Callie, who is independent not only physically, but mentally, she loves to be on her own. Danny Nucci, who plays Mike, (Brandon’s) real father and Steph’s first marriage. Cierra Ramirez, who plays Mariana, is the girly girl in the family and is the dancer. My favorite thing about all of the characters I would say, is their love and loyalty for one another. If one of the characters goes through something in the show, they all go through it together.

The Fosters first aired on June 3, 2013. In the first season, Steph and Lena took Callie in while she was a troubled teenage girl, after she was jumped by a group of girls in jail. When being sent to the Fosters, she took along her little brother Jude who came from an abusive household, after he was attacked by his father for wearing a dress. Steph is still working on the  partner transfer and divorce with her ex -husband Mike, though he is still her partner as a cop. The other three teens attend Anchor Beach Charter High School, living their lives a day at a time.

If someone is looking for a teen or family drama, they should watch this show. Not only does it keep viewers on their toes about what will happen next, but it also teaches lessons that can help change people’s outlooks. For example, when everything went wrong for one of the characters and she felt alone.  Or when another character lost his first love and was devastated. Or maybe when some of the children’s birth mother found them and kept asking for favors. These types of things can teach  that you’re never alone that there’s always someone out there who cares, and that life goes on. Don’t waste so little time on so little things.

Watching this show has taught me some things too. I’m thankful for the people that I have in my life, because it can’t rain forever. Keeping up with this series has also made me look up sneak peeks for new episodes and inquire to see if there are any books available. There is one book that I have read, The Fosters: Keep Your Frenemies Close, which mainly tells what happened in the first series. By reading that, it’ll give people more of an understanding about what’s going on, with even more detail.

If you want to get into a good series that makes your jaw drop and keeps your eyeballs open, I suggest you watch The Fosters. You’ll want to watch it to the last season, take my word for it. I fell into the addiction.


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