Second movie in Divergent series disappoints audiences

Insurgent, another novel from the Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth, is finally in  theatres. Fans have been waiting for a year for this film to hit box office, and it’s finally here.

I went to go see Insurgent on the day it was released on March 20 as I am a fan of the books and the first movie. I was excited to see Insurgent because of the high expectation I had after I saw Divergent. I had the same expectations for Insurgent, but it didn’t necessarily meet my expectations.

As a fan of the Roth’s work, I feel as if the movie didn’t cover enough of what the book had in store. I felt that the movie was rushed and it wasn’t the directors best work. Roth’s movie was directed by Robert Schwentke, a new director it had a different perspective for the movie than I did.

Beatrice “Tris” Prior, portrayed by Shailene Woodley, did an outstanding job playing Tris. She followed her character really well and I felt as if she was the person I saw in the books. I really enjoyed watching the film with her playing Tris because she suites the character well. She engages throughout the role of Tris to the point where she becomes Tris and she seems invincible.

My favorite part of the movie was near the beginning when Four is with the Amity kids. Amity is one of five factions that represents peace and respect and they’re always outside working on a large land crop. It shows that, although you may not be from that faction, you can have a bond with them. Four is grateful for being there and thankful for the amity people for letting them stay there.

During the film, I was mesmerized about how they filmed Insurgent, although the visual effects were just a plus to the movie. During a simulation that Tris was put under to open a box, the simulations were designed to look more futuristic and dystopian feeling like it was originally supposed to. The First film, Divergent, was the futuristic feeling.

However, there were also many parts of the film that I didn’t like in the film. In the film, they introduced many characters that should have been introduced in the first movie, but didn’t because of the time crunch. It made me upset because they introduced the characters and then either killed them off or didn’t show them again. This made me angry because many of the characters have valuable roles that weren’t portrayed like they were in the book, which makes me nervous about how they’re going to film the next two movies.

Although I can’t say in detail how parts of the film disappointed me, the movie was great overall. If you haven’t read the books, you will enjoy both Divergent and Insurgent, but if you read the books I guarantee you will be disappointed in the film making, like I was.

If you haven’t read the books you have a greater chance of liking the film more than reading the books and then watching the film, but I still recommend watching the film no matter because I really enjoyed the movie all and all. If you aren’t a film person, or enjoy reading for fun, the books are also a good and easy read.