Artist’s music speaks to generation of listeners

Star Salter

Drake is a R&B/Hip-Hop Grammy-Award winning artist. He has reached great heights in recent years by creating powerful moving raps through his soft, meaningful songs. His messages behind his songs always have a point whether it’s going on today or what he thinks will happen soon. His career has key songs that have made an impact on today’s music and young people. All the albums and songs he writes are honest and pure about today’s generation and they will forever be worth hearing, because listeners can relate to them.

Drake raps about his emotions and sings softly about the pain he feels. “Shot For Me” released in 2011 on the album Take Care, is about how Drake once cared for a girl and gave her everything, but she used him. He starts putting her down about the things that he bought her and says that he made her become who she is today. Drake sings about missing her, but she wouldn’t take up for him or be there for him. He begins to sings about how he’s a great guy and that he didn’t deserve to be treated wrong. “Doing it Wrong,” also released on Take Care, is about staying with someone even though a person may have lost all the love towards them. Drakes sings about not wanting to hurt the girl, so he stays with her because he cares too much. This song represents how many relationships end up, where there isn’t a real connection, but people still care about one another and don’t want to break up, because of the others pain.

Another song off the same album, “Look What You’ve Done”, is about his ex-girlfriend, his uncle, and about being on Degrassi when he was a teenager going through a lot of emotions on and off camera. To express his feelings about how others betrayed him, he created this song. Along with the message, the song carries a good beat.

Two years later he released the song “Furthest Thing” on the album Nothing Was the Same which has a strong emotional feel to it, because he examines how people change when they know someone is getting somewhere with their life. The song also talks about how no one is perfect, allowing the music to speak to the listener.

Most recently, Drake released the song “Preach” in which he raps “Most of these girls are too messy, I’ve got to do some reflecting, I’ve got to find me one out here that is good at taking direction.” The meaning behind this song is that most girls that are in the hip hop & R&B industry are always in conflict and full of games and that he doesn’t want a woman that presents herself in that way. This song shows Drake’s growth as an artist by sending a positive message to women.

Drake is an artist with stories and messages behind his music and he finds ways to express himself whether it’s rapping, singing, or acting. As his rap career continues to move forward, Drake’s unconventional rise to hip-hop fame continues to prove an asset, not a hindrance to this generation.