Ag program steers student in positive direction

Early mornings in the barn cleaning and feeding. Watching the sun rise over the trees no matter the weather. Taking care of livestock requires commitment and responsibility. Sophomore Wilsey Wendler has found success in showing steers as an activity which has been passed down from generation to generation.

“The commercial steer contest has five different categories,” Wilsey said. “It is based on the commercial steers and how well they grade, the interview they give, how well students keep their record books and there is a quiz with that, and then there is a test over the meat industry.”

After years of watching her immediate family work with cattle, Wilsey took up the trade at a young age.

“I started showing commercial steers in the third grade at the local show,” Wilsey said. “Then I continued to show steers in Houston when I was in the fifth grade and commercial steer shows go back to when my dad showed when he was young.”.

Wilsey’s placed 4th out of 130 contestants this year at the steer contest for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Where competitors come from all over the state.

“I was proud of myself,” Wilsey said. “I worked extremely hard this past year and I’m ready to go back and win the keys to the truck for first place at the event.”

Her determination to get to first place has ensured her hard work and commitment to commercial steer shows.

“She’s learned how to work hard,” agriculture teacher Barbara Volk-Tunnel said. “She’s had to meet a lot of people and interact with adults. Her father also takes her to places in the industry to learn and grow her knowledge in the meat industry field so that has helped her with the interview process.”

Wilsey’s dedication in moving forward and being a leader in the chapter has benefited herself and everyone apart of the chapter. She sets herself up for success and works hard to pursue her future in the agricultural field.

“Wilsey is the vice president of our chapter,” Volk-Tunnel said. “She’s also the sentinel for our district. She tries to do well by setting high goals for herself and works extremely hard to pursue her dreams.”
Wilsey’s goals for herself have led her to become an excellent student and have benefited herself and others in the chapter and her showing career in commercial steers.

“Wilsey is a very eager student,” agriculture teacher Joshua Hohertz said. “She’s always putting forward the effort to benefit the chapter and herself. She works hard with her commercial steers and her and her family have dedicated many years to steer contests.”

Wilsey’s love for agriculture continues to grow and prosper as she by attends more steer shows throughout Texas, including one this summer at TCFA, Texas Cattle Feeders Association, in the panhandle.