Divergent series diverges into gutter

Allegiant, yet another novel from Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth, hit theaters March 18. Fans anticipated the film and hoped it would surpass the disappointment of the last movie. With hopeful hearts, while secretly preparing for the worst, droves of fans attended the premier as they had anticipated the movies release since it was first announced as a series.

I went to go see Allegiant a week after it hit theaters. After the terrible performance of the last movie, I wasn’t too stoked to see the third film. I thought the theater wouldn’t be packed because of the way the last movie tarnished the Divergent series name. However, while waiting through the previews before the movie started, people kept filing in filling the movie theater to its capacity. I was shocked that the new movie continued to sell out even after a week in theatre.

After the movie began I noticed many changes in the characters, Tris’ hair grew, the characters looked older, and didn’t look as serious as they had in the first movie. I began to also notice that the landscape wasn’t the same as it was in the first and the second movie. The movie is based in Chicago, but these people are going through a war between the factions, but whenever someone thinks of war they may think of bullet holes in buildings, nobody on the streets, and shooting all the time. However throughout the movie it looks like there is no war and that everything is fine, or maybe I was overlooking the scenery.

Most people know that they changed directors for the second movie. Robert Schwentke directed Insurgent which wasn’t a good movie at all. However, Schwentke split the final installment of the series into two parts. The first part that most recently came out was seemingly or necessary. It was just an add on to the previous movie with some additional information that audiences would’ve found out in the future fourth one. This movie could’ve easily have been left as one, but like most trilogies in Hollywood, the dollar speaks and profits reign as king.

I devoured the first book after the first movie came out, and I binge read the rest after the first one. However, that was two years ago and I only remember main parts of the book, allowing me to have fresh eyes and to focus on the movie and not compare it to the book as much. However, there were still parts that bothered me. In the previous movies had various advanced technologies, but in this movie the director blew these technologies out of proportion. I didn’t enjoy that aspect because it made the movie look unprofessional and as if a child with an over a drive imagination had directed it. With the movie being as popular as it was two years ago, I’ve never been so disappointed in the way that Schwentke blended the three movies together. It was poorly done and it made me upset knowing that had I directed it I could’ve done a better job.

Overall, the movie was another disappointment because I envisioned the movie differently. The movie is good if you haven’t read the books, but otherwise audiences will probably be as disappointed as I was. However, I’m still anticipating to see how the next movie is going to turn out because of what most fans know at the end. Hopefully they don’t change directors this coming movie because it would defeat the purpose. Schwentke might as well end the movie because he’s already done the last two. At least there won’t be much of a gap difference between the first and second movie.