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Videography captures students passion, provides opportunity to create memories

Reducing the pregame, game, and postgame to a short thirty-second segment that tells the entire story takes both talent and dedication. Junior Jeannye Aguilar has found her niche in the video technology class where she excels at transforming big moments on campus into even bigger memories on screen.

“I started editing when I was nine,” Jeannye said. “I had just gotten my first laptop. I started playing around with the webcam and the pre-downloaded software on the computer. I made a music video with some friends and I thought it was fun, so freshman year I decided to take the class.”

Jeannye films and edits videos for VTV, including the football introduction videos, additional, music videos, and hype videos. What started as a class to learn skills has become a passion for Jeannye.

“I just love it, it’s my passion. I love getting feedback from everyone on Instagram and all kinds of social media telling me how good ,” Jeannye said. “What I like most about it is the way I can express myself through these videos.”

Though VTV focuses on daily news or short clips, Jeannye has found her passion through a more creative side that allows her to do compilations of school events.

“Sports videos are most definitely my favorite,” Jeannye said. “It’s fun editing them and capturing all the school spirit. Those videos are the kind of style of videos I like to edit.”

Jeannye has been able to capture how much the student body enjoys football games and pep-rallies through her videos and provide a way for others to relive their favorite moments.

“The hype videos are something she does on her own it’s kind of extra,” VTV sponsor Dagan Miller said. “She’s the type of student who will approach me and say ‘Hey can I do this’. I also know that she has the ability to get it done in time, and I think she’s grown quite a bit in her shooting of the videos. The videos make the atmosphere of the pep-rallies feel good, and they show how fun the pep-rallies can be.”

Jeannye not only gets support from her advisor, but from fans and peers as well. Twitter mentions, Instagram comments and DM’s are just some of the sources of feedback she gets on social media.

“Most of the time I just get an idea and I’ll go out and film it,” Jeannye said. “Whether it’s a pep rally, football game, or something else, I’ll film it and make sure everything is good. I’ll plan it out, get any props I might need, and just go with the flow and follow my heart when I edit.”

Mr. Miller sees Jeannye as the type of student who always goes above and beyond what is required while creating something meaningful that others enjoy.

“She’s the one who takes on challenges,” Miller said. “It is obvious that the subject matter is close to her, she enjoys what she does and she’s not forcing herself to do it. That desire and joy in creating the videos really drives her to finish a project. “

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