Get in Formation: Beyonce fans experience concert of a lifetime, connect to artist

I witnessed first hand Beyoncé’s groundbreaking Lemonade concert in Houston. I was more than ready to “Get in Formation” by the time the concert started. When she sang her first lyrics, I felt more empowered than ever. Beyoncé’s legendary box began to spin and within seconds, lights were in a frenzy giving the audience a hypnotic high. She stepped out the front of the box, and I felt as if someone was placing cinderblocks on my chest. Her face was overshadowed by her iconic black hat, and her “beehive” began forming around her.

Her concert lasted nearly three hours, and there was never a dull moment. Beyoncé captured the audience by preaching feminism between songs and stressed ideas and feelings of self-empowerment. She reminded people that women “Run the World,” and no one will ever take that away. Her energetic attitude encouraged the audience to dance as if no one was watching and find peace within themselves. This concert was special because Beyoncé performed in her hometown and she emphasized to her fans, through her song “Daddy Lessons”, that no matter how famous she may be, her roots belong in Texas.

One thing that made Beyoncé’s concert stand out from others was the atmosphere. Everyone in the crowd was going crazy over Queen B and was constantly waiting for her next move. Anticipation was rose within me as soon as she finished a song. Her concert ended with her well-known song entitled “Halo”. This song defines Beyoncé for obvious reasons. Her voice is in fact angelic, and embodies a feeling of a “perfect” relationship. Her old music brought back memories of me jamming in the car at a young age along with her other memorable songs such as “Single Ladies”.

I admire Beyoncé in many ways other than singing. Her ability to uplift the spirits of others and spread self-worth during her concerts while also entertaining people through her angel-like vocals and stylized dance moves sets her apart from other popular artist in the entertainment industry.

Beyoncé’s personal relationship with her fans during the concert made me cry. She illustrates the importance of her family during the concert by emphasizing how much of an impact her daughter, Blue Ivy, has had on her life. I aspire to not only dance like her, but maintain her powerful outlook on life. I am “Crazy in Love” with how she uses her haters as fuel for her immense success.

I could go on for a lifetime about how Beyoncé’s songs and testimonies affect her fans around the world. Beyoncé inspires me to face my challenges with confidence and understand the power within myself. Her concert was incomparable to any concert I have ever been to, and my heart longed for it to last “All Night”. So, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter if you are reading this, I am in a “Love Drought” and need you to come back and grace me with your presence.