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Man’s best friend: Movie provides insight to owner, pet relationship

Dogs tend to hold a special place in the hearts of people. When a movie about dogs comes out, naturally, audiences flock to the box office. A Dog’s Purpose is an emotional rollercoaster of a movie. From happy to sad to angry to horrified, A Dog’s Purpose takes audiences through just about every emotion possible. Viewers laugh one second, then try to hide their tears the next.

Recently circulating on the internet are videos of abuse of the dogs featured in the film. These videos were not false, however they were over embellished by the media. If you think about it, these dogs are actors, and they have to operate on a schedule. These videos should not impact your decision to go see A Dog’s Purpose, it is such an amazing film and is worth your while.
A Dog’s Purpose follows the mind of and life of one dog. From the beginning, this dog wonders what his purpose is. The audience follows the dog’s thoughts on his people, the world, and how he makes an impact on others.

The movie begins with a dog asking the question: “what’s my purpose?” This dog meets a boy and receives the name Bailey. He is incredibly happy with his life, and thinks that his purpose has been found. However, he dies and is reborn as a different dog. Bailey’s mind stays the same throughout the movie, but he is reincarnated into the bodies of several different dogs. Some dogs have great lives while others just sit out in the rain, alone and cold. But his question remains the same: what is his purpose? Through living as all of these dogs, Bailey finds what he is and why he is here.

Bailey lives with different people, all leading different lives. The audience gets a glimpse into what goes on in a dog’s mind, a unique take on human relationships as seen in a dog’s mind. There is an innocence and an understanding presented in the point of view that is unique and different than anything I’ve seen before. It is almost childlike, but more analytical. Bailey takes what he knows and tries to apply it to what he sees in his life. For example, when a couple would kiss, he would wonder, “where’s the food?” Seeing how Bailey impacts the lives of those around him made me feel the need to look at my own life, and wonder how I would appear to a sweet and innocent dog. I saw how Bailey would react to every event, how he would see everyone and everything that they did. Seeing this made me feel that I needed to look at how I act and present myself.

By the end of the movie, Bailey does find his purpose and himself in more ways than one. This moment for Bailey is the most emotional out of the whole film since Bailey finds what he has been looking for across several lifetimes, sharing a hard-earned accomplishment with the audience. It feels complete at the end and so many things come full circle.

The pup’s innocence worms it’s way into the hearts of so many, both in the movie and audience. Every person has their purpose, and so do dogs. They are wonderful companions, kind creatures who offer support when human beings fail. When a person feels that they can’t go to someone else, a dog can offer the love, support and comfort that is needed. One can confide in dogs when it feels that there is no one left in the world to trust. Dogs can offer so much more than just a cute, furry thing that is waiting at home after a long day.
Humans seek their purpose and constantly wonder why they are here.

When it’s into the earlier hours of the morning and I’m still struggling to finish my homework, I wonder: why? Why am I here? In the movie, the existential questions are asked by a sweet and carefree creature, not by the typical brooding teenager. Again, this film provides a unique and completely new view on a question that is frequently wondered by many people.

A Dog’s Purpose not only offers a new perspective on the meaning of life, but also a unique look at people and their relationships. It offers audiences a chance to watch adorable dogs while providing opportunities for tears of happiness, as well as tears of devastation.
I highly recommend A Dog’s Purpose. The movie offers a new perspective on human and animal interactions, as well as providing humor, joy, and sadness. It gives the audience something to think about: as Bailey finds his purpose, the viewers are left to wonder about their own.

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