Movie shines light on Civil Rights issues, provides varying perspectives

History is taught in many different ways and these ways provide different perspectives of each event. Though it may seem that we know everything there is to know about our world; it is most definitely true (yet hard to admit) that we do not. We isolate ourselves from some of the most impacting events in history. One event that never made it into history books, and was kept a secret by the people who didn’t witness it, was a riot that took place in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. That is until August 4, 2017 when Detroit came out in theaters and provided the world with a secret event that changed the perspective of the social reform movement.

The new movie Detroit centers on a real-life event that took place in Detroit during a civil uprising, where police terrorized guests at the Algiers Motel, killed three black men, and beat nine others. Actor, John Boyega plays the role of a security guard who gets caught in the middle of the conflict as he attempts to provide the police with coffee to assure them of his loyalty. However, the police question him as a suspect of the murders that took place in the hotel. After being asked to appear on CBS This Morning to tell the truth about his role in the movie he provides the world with an understanding of taking on such a historic role in the film. The behind the scenes look an emotional toll on the entire cast, and became the way to provide the movie with different perspectives. The behind the scene action was about “making the imagination a bit wider” Boyega said. “We need to have more people behind the scenes of diverse origins,”… “The more we have behind the scenes, the more their perspective influences the projects that they put up so hopefully things will change.”

The exciting and thrilling movie Detroit became America’s new perspective into the lives and events of the time period. The director, Kathryn Bigelow received mostly positive reviews by viewers and critics along with the writer, Mark Boal. The positive nature of the film was rooted in the excellent script, direction, and performances, all of which created a gut-wrenching and powerful feeling for the audience. However, there was much controversy over the film because some critics believed the movie “lacks the clarity of their previous collaborations” and makes the audience “question what it is to be an American,” New York Observer, Thelma Adams said after watching the film. The harsh critics make the movie out to be a wasted opportunity. However, after watching the film in theatres I got that thrill and felt what it was like to be an African American during the event.

If you’re looking for another movie with multiple perspectives than Detroit is definitely something you should check out and look into. The movie provided me with different ways to look at the Civil Rights movement during this time period and I feel will do the same for many others.