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Web-slinging disaster: Homecoming not an event to remember

This summer Spider-Man: Homecoming came out in theaters as Hollywood’s love for sequels continues to earn money. Over the years, there have been a total of seven Spiderman movies. Being the superhero fan that I am, I decided to watch this one in theaters. Although the main character Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is very attractive, I still didn’t enjoy the movie like I did the others.

In the trailer for Spiderman they showcased a range of new actors and actresses that I hadn’t seen before. One actress in particular drew me more towards watching the movie. Michelle (Zendaya Coleman) was featured in more than one of the trailer clips, making it seem like Zendaya was a big part of Spider-Man and that she would be in most of the scenes. As I watched the movie, I noticed that Zendaya was rarely seen in the movie, and when she was there it was only for a few seconds. The movie made her character seem wretched and pessimistic, and there was really no point for Zendaya at all. Even when I looked up the cast, Zendaya was the second name to pop up. She was just a ploy to get people in the theaters to watch the movie, a simple marketing strategy.

Another one of the characters that I felt wasn’t needed was Peter Parker’s crush, Liz Allen (Laura Harrier). She was a distraction for Peter and didn’t appreciate him like everyone else did. In fact she completely ignored him until he asked her to homecoming. She had the vibe that if she found out Peter was Spiderman, she would only use Peter and only like him because of his other identity. There was no happy ending for them anyways. She was less needed in the movie than Zendaya, who’s character would have been a better fit for Peter since she was more in his league anyways.

After the movie came out, there was a big reaction to the actor who played Spiderman. Tom Holland got a positive reaction from fans, and every time I scroll through my suggested on Instagram there’s at least one picture of him on there. I can see why he’s become so big. I mean look at him, he’s cute, and I hope we see more of him playing other roles and different characters.

One of my favorite characters in this movie was Ned (Jacob Batalon), Peter Parker’s best friend. He is Spiderman’s guy-in-the-chair. He was definitely a great addition to the movie and brought a lot of comedy to the action film. His awkwardness and nerdy personality is brought
out and his loyalty to his best friend, Peter, made me love him more. He was the brains and Peter was the brawns of the team. Although he was the hero at one point in the movie, Ned didn’t get the recognition he deserved.

Another actor that I was very surprised and happy to see was Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino. I have never seen him in any movies, so I was surprised when I saw him. I am glad that he had the chance to be funny and add comedy to the action-comedy.

Every actor and actress that was picked for their role matched the high school scene perfectly. Most movies have characters who look too old to play a high school student, but everyone in Spiderman: Homecoming actually looks like they could be in high school. They are probably all in their 20’s, but they have something about them that makes them seem younger, whether it’s their facial features or their body type. All of them fit in the Queens, New York high school scene, helping the movie seem more believable.

The ending of the movie was confusing and weak. It’s almost like the production of the movie was half-done. After watching the movie, I still don’t know whether Peter is going to be the Spiderman or just the neighborhood hero. He could be one or the other, or he could be both. I think he should be the real Spiderman, the one who risks his life to save his city not just his neighborhood.

It was unclear at the end whether there was going to be a second movie. It left the viewers asking for more, especially when it looked like Michelle was suspicious of him even though she played it off as a joke, I feel as though there will be a part 2 to this section of the Spiderman series. Hopefully, if there is another movie, it will showcase whether he chooses to be the friendly neighborhood hero or one of the Avengers.

Overall, Spiderman Homecoming could have been better. Spiderman could have had a more interesting villain and maybe more support from Tony Stark. I don’t think it was worth going to watch at the theaters, but I would recommend watching it on DVD or Netflix when it comes out.

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