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Snowpocalypse impacts entire state, safety measures should be taken

Owen Gibbs April 27, 2021

Twenty-twenty was largely considered one of the worst years we’ve faced as a country in a long time. Heading into 2021, many people were hoping things would return to normal. However, in Texas, we were...

Sunday night football looks different in face of pandemic

Owen Gibbs December 1, 2020

With COVID-19 still looming, many sports programs have been forced to change their way of thinking. The NFL decided to adapt strict guidelines to ensure players had lower chances of contracting the virus.  Many...

Streaming service sales soar: Disney+ appeals to old, new fans, finding its place in the market

Owen Gibbs September 22, 2020

With COVID-19 keeping us more confined to our homes than we have been in the past, many of us are looking for something new to watch. The huge library of movies and shows Disney+ offers is a great way...

Viking spirit perseveres during school closure with virtual try-outs

Owen Gibbs May 22, 2020

With social distancing orders in place, many extracurricular activities require coaches and directors to take a different approach to creating a team for the 2020-2021 school year.  For the color...

A way to escape: Books provide whole new world open to imagination

Owen Gibbs April 13, 2020

After coming home from a long day, what is the first thing the average person does? Turn on the TV? Watch a movie? Play a video game, maybe? It seems books have been the odd man out for modern entertainment...

Class act: Theatre troupe advances 18 students to Nationals

Owen Gibbs February 18, 2020

In June, the National Championship for theatre will be held in Bloomington, Indiana. All 18 students from Bryan High who competed in qualifying will advance to the National Championship. “It feels...

Classic battle of good, evil mirrored in mixed emotional review of latest Star Wars movie

Owen Gibbs January 29, 2020

Please note, there will be various spoilers throughout this article.  Overall, Disney has done a pretty decent job with the Star Wars franchise. The movies themselves are done well, and I find...

Once a Viking, always a Viking: Former students return to BHS as teachers to give back

Owen Gibbs November 20, 2019

Not everyone considers school a place they want to be, but some students aspire to become teachers and create a fun and enjoyable learning environment for the next generation. Over the years, some teachers...

No one wants a half-eaten Apple: Androids superior, iPhones lack variation, customization

Owen Gibbs October 29, 2019

Even though the whole world seems focused on Apple each September when the new iPhone is unveiled, I think iPhones are over-anticipated, overpriced, and overrated. iPhone users focus too much on familiarity...

Calculated decisions: Junior quarterback excels on field, in classroom

Owen Gibbs October 8, 2019

Football is a calculated sport. Anticipation and planning paired with the mathematics of velocity and angles require players to think quickly. Junior quarterback Nico Bulhoff possesses traits of a great...

Misuse, overconsumption of technology negatively affects culture

Owen Gibbs September 11, 2019

In 2007, society experienced a technological breakthrough when Steve Jobs and Apple introduced the iPhone. Fast forward to 2019 and almost everyone owns a smartphone.  Smartphones, laptops, tablets...

Bases loaded: Senior captain leads by example in outfield, batter’s box

Owen Gibbs April 29, 2019

It's late in the game and the Vikings are down by a run with a man in scoring position. Senior Michael Barber feels a surge of adrenaline as he steps up to the plate. The pitcher leans back, and unleashes...

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