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Short-lived stage: High school should be stepping stone in life, not claim to fame

Alanis King May 19, 2014

If one thing is certain, it’s that there needs to be a instruction manual for incoming high-school freshman - how to do this, when to do that, what’s important and what’s not going to matter in ten...

Showcasing skills: Senior follows passion, secures spot on Texas A&M softball team

Alanis King April 11, 2014

Athletic expertise, academic ability, creativity, and the passion that backs each of these qualities are all things which define a person, molding them into who they are or who they eventually will be....

Save those dimes, it’s college time

Alanis King March 20, 2014

A college acceptance means a lot of things for a student; it marks the time for filling the closet with school colors, buying dorm essentials, setting up a credit card, planning out a course schedule,...

Virtually inseparable: Embracing a new age of friendship

Alanis King February 7, 2014

This past October, I met my best friend. Yes, you read that correctly - read it several more times if you must. No, we did not become best friends after we met, we were best friends already. How, you...

Act on ambitions: Taking opportunities despite doubts pays off

Alanis King January 24, 2014

During last year’s running of the Snowball Derby - the most prestigious Super Late Model race in the country - I was simply a spectator. That’s more than most people can say, however, as the race isn’t...

Deck the halls with boughs of discourse

Alanis King December 5, 2013

“Fa la la la la, la la la la.” It’s December 1st and I’m about to fa-la-la-fall off a cliff as a last resort to escape the Christmas music that’s playing in every public place I walk into. Don’t...

No-sleep November: Student sacrifices free time, rest for annual novel-writing competition

Alanis King November 20, 2013

“I think it’s just amazing how you can create something when there was previously nothing, and you can make people feel things that they wouldn’t otherwise feel through written word.” That is...

Realizations from Romania: Mission trip opens eyes, teaches gratefulness

Alanis King October 4, 2013

Summer: a time for heading to the beach, soaking up some sun, going on vacations, and getting away from school for a couple of months. When we think of summer getaways, however, an impoverished area on...

Zumba Fitness: dance off the pounds, and have fun doing it

Alanis King September 18, 2013

An hour on the treadmill to get a daily workout in sounds like a blast, right? Wrong. That is, unless you’re a running enthusiast - which, truthfully, most of us aren’t. And even for those who are,...

Tricky trap: DIY tab terrorizes, traumatizes

Alanis King April 30, 2013

It functions as a girl’s dream closet, personal cookbook, future house plan, wedding-day checklist, workout motivation, and everything in between. Most notably, though, Pinterest is the database of basically...

More than just a sport

Alanis King April 25, 2013

Racing isn't just a sport. It's a lifestyle, centered around a sport. Racing is something that gets in your blood, and stays in your gene pool for generations down the line. For those who haven't experienced...

Minimizing mistakes: Students, staff responsible for safety of school

Alanis King March 18, 2013

Our number one priority, on a daily basis, is to make sure our students are as safe as possible,” principal Lamond Dean said. “So there is a response [plan for] anything that there may be a concern...

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