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Orange goes with everything: Netflix original explores prison life for women

Andrea Mendes May 9, 2014

While most of us know Netflix for it’s endless supply of movies, the on-demand media provider is now adding successful television series provider to its resume with the release of hit T.V. show Orange...

Dual Functionality: Senior uses soccer as a learning experience, outlet for enjoyment

Andrea Mendes April 21, 2014

While some students pursue big dreams as sports superstars, others are content with simply playing a sport they enjoy. For senior Ben Gonzales, soccer has been a fun physical outlet as he juggles school,...

Cutting, purging, binging, substance abuse: Teens struggle, look for help to deal with depression, pressures of school, life, relationships

Andrea Mendes February 21, 2014

*Names in this article have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals involved. All individuals in this article have sought help in dealing with their problems. If you or someone you know is in...

The more you know: Sex education leads to prevention, not promiscuity

Andrea Mendes January 16, 2014

Whether it be a new school, a new group of friends, a drivers license, a difficult set of classes, or even sex, high school boasts many decisions and changes for student. Naturally, we want all the facts...

Students quack up: Teacher uses wit, background to keep class focused

Andrea Mendes November 26, 2013

A riveting sense of humor, impressive demonstrations, and interactive lessons on the laws of physics are what you can expect in an everyday class with physics teacher Robert Richards, but what students...

Choices become complex, outcomes produce repercussions

Andrea Mendes November 5, 2013

Do I want grilled cheese or Chef Boyardee? Should I play outside or watch the next episode of Powerpuff Girls? Do I want pigtails or a giant bow in my hair? What were once time consuming decisions that...

Football field forges friendship, teammates inseparable on, off field

Andrea Mendes October 8, 2013

“Around BCS its not just VJ or Logan,” senior VJ Banks said. “We’re two individuals, but one person.” Varsity football duo, seniors VJ Banks and Logan Pottberg have been playing since a tender...

Miley’s not smiley anymore; Teen idol can’t keep tongue in mouth

Andrea Mendes September 25, 2013

A smile that stretched ear to ear and an attitude that told girls they could be whoever they wanted to be was the image portrayed by Disney’s Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus, the girl behind the blonde wig,...

Dear Diary: Prequal surpasses original series

Andrea Mendes May 1, 2013

Tired of watching Gossip Girl reruns and boring episodes of Pretty Little Liars? This winter the CW introduced The Carrie Diaries, a prequel to the successful Sex and the City tv series. Sex and the City...

Duo narrowly avoids flatline with Heartthrob

Andrea Mendes April 15, 2013

Overproducing and a bombardment of synth make for an okay album, unfortunately this is the case for Tegan and Sara’s 2013 album Heartthrob; which incidentally is somewhat of a heartbreak. Tegan and...

Little part of big sports legacy

Andrea Mendes April 11, 2013

“Sports are all I’ve ever known,” senior Brittany Little said. With Brittany's father being a former professional baseball player and brother playing sports throughout high school, Brittany's been...

Catfish: MTV reels in new reality show

Andrea Mendes February 21, 2013

Decades of traditional TV shows have come to an end as our generation moves away from cartoons and family shows and into the world of reality TV. Reality TV seems to be all over TV station these days;...

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