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Stepping up to the plate: Senior’s last year sparks leadership, responsibility

Mariah Guerrero May 4, 2015

A full count is on the board, and senior Rachel Ullmann sets up for the pitch. Digging her foot in the dirt and bending down low to begin wind up, the batter begins to pull back her bat. The ball leaves...

Child’s play: Technology changes playground landscape

Mariah Guerrero April 22, 2015

Technology has overrun our everyday life. In school, we use it for quizlet and duolingo or for typing Internal Assessment long articles for peers to edit. At home, we post cute selfies or watch Netflix...

Author travels back to the future with hit book Ready Player One

Mariah Guerrero February 24, 2015

The year is 2044 and the world is an ugly place. The Great Recession has taken it’s toll on the world’s economy, resources are scarce, there’s an ongoing energy crisis, catastrophic climate changes,...

Building relationships through engineering, architecture classes

Mariah Guerrero February 5, 2015

For 22 years, Ted Vaughan has been teaching students how to solve problems through Engineering Design and creating floor plans for homes and other buildings through Architectural Design, but that’s not...

Graffiti artists push definition of art

Mariah Guerrero January 26, 2015

Every brush stroke, pencil sketch, pastel, primary, and secondary color added to artwork signifies something an artist deeply feels. The same goes for writers like the Norseman staff. Every key we press,...

Living a Better Story: Project encourages students to write their own future, help community

Mariah Guerrero December 16, 2014

Twenty-four students participated in Living a Better Story, a service project aimed at helping people understand their importance in the process of helping the community they live in. The project ran...

Heroes of Olympus series dies out with last book

Mariah Guerrero November 4, 2014

Books: culturally defined as the object which civilizations have stored volumes of information, but that’s not all they’re used for. Some permeate your imagination and creativity, some provide knowledge...

Back to the Future: 80s make comeback on big, small screen

Mariah Guerrero September 25, 2014

The neon leg warmers, baggy sweatshirts, and wild poofy hair will remain safely tucked away deep in closets across America because, even though the 80’s are making a comeback, it’s thankfully not with...

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