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“Read with the Vikes”: Baseball players read children’s books on social media

Megan Krenek May 22, 2020

When the baseball coaches and players realized that students would not be returning to the classroom this school year, they felt it was important to do something to connect with the community. Individuals...

Tragedy and triumph: Senior overcomes difficulties through love, support, determination

Megan Krenek May 21, 2020

“Watching my dad get shot and die in front of me when I was three still traumatized me because I didn’t have him growing up. I never had a dad to throw a ball with, never had a dad to talk about girls...

Letters from the heart: Newspaper staff forms bonds with 18+ program students

Megan Krenek May 20, 2020

The art of writing letters has been replaced by grammatically lacking text messages and snapchat videos. Society uses phones and email to send a message in mere seconds. For the students in the 18+ program,...

Heart to heart: Teacher heals from open heart surgery, lasting effects

Megan Krenek February 24, 2020

Shooting pain in the arm and jaw. A general feeling of being ill at ease. Tightness in the chest. Having a healthy heart is something a lot of people bypass and take for granted. It is one of the most...

Up in smoke: Marijuanas medicinal value outweighs societal stigma

Megan Krenek February 21, 2020

There is a social stigma around marijuana, but that stigma is widely inaccurate and has created problems for those who need it to improve their quality of life on a day-to-day basis.  There is...

Coffee, coffee, coffee: Gilmore Girls hype returns through Netflix binge watching

Megan Krenek November 13, 2019

After a TV show’s finale premiers, the show tends to surge in popularity and then soon be forgotten. Occasionally though, a gem among the other crappy Netflix originals is found which puts viewers in...

Students recognized as Commended Students for National Merit Scholarship Corporation

Megan Krenek October 30, 2019

The top 3-4% of students are recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation as commended students. Seniors Brandon Garza, Shannon Keyser, Caleb Peterson, Trey Weltens, and Lauryn Woods earned...

Sixth sense: Senior’s leadership helps set team up for success

Megan Krenek October 4, 2019

After four years of being on the varsity volleyball team, leadership and teamwork are almost like sixth senses for senior Coco Gillett. With each passing year, Coco has gained experience and responsibility,...

Recycling doesn’t suck: People should do more for the environment than trade metal for plastic

Megan Krenek September 5, 2019

Getting a metal straw instead of a plastic one for an iced coffee from Starbucks isn’t going to help much in the fight for a cleaner Earth or the decrease in global warming. Everything is plastic credit...

Minor injury becomes major comeback for powerlifter

Megan Krenek February 19, 2019

Setting goals senior year is normal for most athletes, but after suffering an injury last year at the end of the season, senior Cardecia “CeCe” Franklin plans to beat the deadlift record this year...

Coalition Day helps students prepare for college

Megan Krenek January 24, 2019

Coalition Day allows students to meet with different schools and look at options while learning how to make the best choice about which college fits their specific needs. Bryan High hosted its first Coalition...

Struggling to gain acceptance, approval proves exhausting

Megan Krenek November 8, 2018

Having to prove myself over and over again is exhausting and takes part of my soul every time I do it. This comes into play with new managers at work, new co-workers, new teachers, and even friends’...

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