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Big brother ban on books

Norseman Staff December 12, 2023

Censoring. Banning books. Controlling information. These ideas seem like they should be sequestered to history books or examined during an analysis of the novel 1984, but with the recent decisions...

Polar opposites

Samantha Lamb, Staff writer September 22, 2023

If Charles Dickens had written Pride and Prejudice, the result would have been North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. Part love story, part social novel, this story is both deep and highly enjoyable.  I...

Archetype crumbles under societal pressure, modification

Samantha Lamb December 3, 2022
In support of the feminist movement, there is a new character trope that is now commonly used: the strong female character (SFC). 

Newbery award winning author visits freshman English class

Sophia Bradley March 30, 2022
Everyone dreams of meeting their idols. Some people wind up on the lucky end and get to meet the people they look up to. Freshman English teacher Abby Scoresby was among those luckier people when one of her favorite authors flew all the way from England to visit her and her students.

Compelling, creative classics reflect current culture

Samantha Lamb October 14, 2021
A man who was wrongfully imprisoned escapes, seeking revenge and finding redemption. A woman discovers a horrible secret about her would-be lover. A boy struggles with a gang of thieves on his journey to discover his identity. 

A way to escape: Books provide whole new world open to imagination

Owen Gibbs April 13, 2020
After coming home from a long day, what is the first thing the average person does? Turn on the TV? Watch a movie? Play a video game, maybe? It seems books have been the odd man out for modern entertainment as very few people choose books over visual entertainment in today’s technology-centered environment.

Banned books limit knowledge, threatens independent thought

Abby Mendez September 25, 2018

Limiting exposure to foul language, racism, and explicit content may sound like a good idea at first, but when the line of censorship continues to move to accommodate things that offend people - eventually...

Hunger Games leaves fans craving more

Stephani Whisenant February 21, 2012
It seems like you run into something about The Hunger Games everywhere, whether you’re on Pinterest, Facebook, or any other media site.

Read Between the Lines: The Bell Jar

Emily Nash January 14, 2012
In high school, teenagers frequently feel as though it’s impossible to uphold a perfect life. They look at each other and wonder how some teens can have it all together, considering how tough high school is. What they may not realize is that things aren’t always perfect beneath the surface.

Read between the lines: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Emily Nash November 12, 2011
Walking down a hallway filled with strangers, figuring out who to sit with at lunch, trying to fit in with the right crowd. Sound familiar?

High hopes for Breaking Dawn

Regina Flores October 25, 2011
Like the majority of books with film adaptations, Twilight doesn’t convey the same meaning in film form.

Mystical series brings magic to reading world

Marisa Lindeman February 18, 2011
Frequently on the New York Times Best-Sellers list, the Witch and Wizard series, by James Patterson is a great read for your down time, while not caught up in the heavy school work demanded by the spring semester. The book is a tale of two ordinary teenagers, Whisty and Whit Allgood, who are kidnapped by members of the world’s new government, the New Order, to find out they are considered very “dangerous”, and are witches and wizards.
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