High hopes for Breaking Dawn

 Like the majority of books with film adaptations, Twilight doesn’t convey the same meaning in film form.  The protagonist of the series, Edward Cullen, is everything a girl could want.  He is a true gentleman with an enchanting personality.

Yet, like so many boys that girls fall in love with, Edward has a dork side.  He’s a vampire.  In the movie, however, Edward’s fantastic personality isn’t portrayed well by Robert Pattinson.  The acting was terrible and the directing was even worse.

This was very disappointing and a little aggravating.  

Many directors think that adding extra scenes to movies adapted from books makes them more interesting, yet, in reality, most audience members want to see a movie that accurately portrays the original work.  The book was made into a movie because it was such a big hit, but often the movie doesn’t resemble the book at all.  For example, in the movie Twilight, many action scenes were added to attract male viewers.  This made the movie inaccurate and took up time that should have been used to show more scenes that were in the book, such as one of my favorite parts when Edward disappears and Bella faints during blood testing.

My opinion of the book changed after seeing the movie because seeing the characters come to life in a manner that was not how I interpreted them was weird.  Some of the actors are capable of doing a better job, but their talents were not utilized.  If a book is going to be made into a movie, it should be done right or not at all.

The original Twilight wasn’t very good because it was constrained by a tight budget. However, due to the movie’s success, the next two movies, New Moon and Eclipse were much better because of a better budget and new director.  The films seem to get better each time, so I have high hopes for the movie remake of the last book, Breaking Dawn, set to come out on November 18th.  The book was so long that they are making two parts to the movie, part two scheduled to come out nearly a year later on November 16th 2012.