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Plugged In: Personal Devices on Campus

John Fuller January 12, 2012

It’s clear that students have become more accustomed and efficient with technology then ever before. Computers, smart phones and tablets are consistently used by students at home to do their homework...

Plugged In: the cloud: now with less precipitation

John Fuller September 8, 2011

As students gain access to school Google accounts this fall, much of the world will also be dabbling in the cloud, as services like iCloud and Dropbox become even more popular. These services store user’s...

Plugged In: Trains, Public Transportation

John Fuller March 21, 2011

Today, many Americans think of trains as bygone technology and artifacts of the Wild West, symbols of rugged cowboys and pioneers. Yet, for the rest of the world, trains are an ever-evolving technology...

Plugged In: TSA Body Scanners

John Fuller January 20, 2011

 As technology progresses through time, the security of our personal privacy and safety has come into question. The internet, and thus the ability to post and share personal information, has made the...

Plugged In: 3D Television

John Fuller November 17, 2010

After being introduced in the 1950s, it took almost ten years for color televisions to become a popular mainstay in the American home and render black and white television obsolete. Now, an argument is...

Plugged In: Facebook Privacy

John Fuller September 26, 2010

We’ve all sat through the lectures and heard the warnings about maintaining proper online privacy, like not giving out our address or phone number, but how many of us truly take steps to keep our information...

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