About The Norseman Staff


The Norseman, published during each academic school year, covers news, events and students at Bryan High School in Bryan, Texas. Staff members meet daily to plan, write, produce and design both the print and online editions of The Norseman, and compete in Academic UIL events in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Staff for 2019-2020:

Former Staff Members


Please feel free to contact The Norseman staff regarding any questions or concerns you might have. Also, feel free to submit any letters to the editor or pieces for Viking Voice.

Rebecca Dominy

    • 979-209-2580
    • rebecca.dominy@bryanisd.org

3450 Campus Drive
Bryan, TX 77802


UIL Awards ’19-’20

Region Meet

District Meet

A&M Consolidated Invitational

  • Abby Mendez: 1st – News, 3rd – Feature, 6th – Headline
  • Shannon Keyser:  3rd – News
  • Jaci Siegert: 6th – Feature

Spring MRC

  • Shannon Keyser: HM – News, 3rd – Feature, 6th – Editorial, 1st – Headline
  • Abby Mendez: HM – News, 3rd – Headline
  • Jaci Siegert: 1st – News
  • Ron Toback-Wolf: HM – Feature

Brazos Valley Meet

  • Shannon Keyser: 1st – Copy Editing, 2nd – News, 4th – Feature, 1st – Editorial, 3rd – Headline
  • Abby Mendez: 3rd – Copy Editing, 1st – News, 3rd – Editorial, 4th – Headline
  • Jaci Siegert: 4th – Copy Editing, 3rd – Feature, 6th – Editorial, 5th – Headline
  • Megan Krenek: 6th – Feature, 4th – Megan Krenek

Fall MRC

  • Shannon Keyser: 2nd – News, HM – Feature, 2nd – Editorial, 3rd – Copy Editing
  • Abby Mendez: HM – News, 5th  – Feature, HM – Copy Editing, 1st – Headline
  • Jaci Siegert:
  • Megan Krenek: HM  – Feature,
  • Sophia Bradley: 6th – Headline
ILPC Awards ’18-’19

Online Edition

  • Award of Honor
  • Kaywin McCall: 2nd – Personal Column
  • Staff: 1st TOPS in TEXAS – Headlines

Print Edition

  • Award of Distinguished Merit
  • Staff: 2nd – Editorial
  • Abby Mendez: 1st – Personal Opinion Column
  • Staff: 2nd – Sports Page/Spread Design
  • Sergio Diaz: Honorable Mention – Entertainment Photo
  • Alexis Martinez: 3rd – Sports Action Photo

Past Awards

The opinions expressed are those of the writers and are not reflective of the administrators, faculty or staff of Bryan Independent School District.
Submissions to the editor are welcomed, but must be signed and should not exceed 300 words. The editor reserves the right to edit submissions in the interest of clarity and length or to not print a letter at all. Letters containing obscene or libelous material will not be considered.
Bryan Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex or handicap in providing education services.