‘Lookin’ like a fool’ with your pants on ground: derriere dilemma

After a Georgian assembly passed a law that regards the wearing of baggy pants as indecent exposure, the debate as been set afire as to whether or not the use of saggy britches is appropriate.

In the late 80s, the sagging of one’s pants became popular in the United States prison system after gang members would have their belts confiscated. The trend has also been associated with several other derogatory connotations through the prison system.

Ever since that time period, identifying oneself as an imprisoned gang member has apparently become a mainstream fashion.

While, of course, we retain the right to express ourselves through our apparel, is it really wise to express oneself in a manner with such a negative stigma?

One of the most obvious reasons for refraining from the sagging of your pants relates to the welfare of others.

When walking through the halls, or out in public, none of us have any desire to see any part of your under garments.

Not only do we not want to see your underwear when we’re walking in the hall, but we’d also like to get somewhere in a timely manner, but when the person in front of you is constantly having to pull up their pants or waddle around, the time it takes to travel somewhere is significantly increased.

Whenever someone dresses in saggy pants, it sets forth a message of who they are and how they act. Unfortunately, this message is not one with a good connotation.

Instead, saggy pants make someone look unprofessional, and the wearer is unlikely to be accepted in professional areas like when applying for a job or just in class.

Even if you have no desire to get a job or be accepted by teachers and administrators, most parents will also draw a negative conclusion to the kind of person you are if you show up to date their child wearing saggy pants.

It’s not as if wearing not-saggy pants is difficult or expensive. Your existing pants can be transformed into appropriate attire with a simple belt or even just a ziptie used as a belt.

While we’re all proponents of free speech and the expression of one’s individuality, we’d hate to see these rights exercised in the form of wearing saggy pants.

Not only is it inappropriate, but it’s unnecessary and only promotes negative sentiments about yourself.