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Volume 40 Number 1

adviser January 30, 2011
Published on October 12, 2010 by the Bryan High School Norseman in Bryan, Texas. To zoom in or magnify, please use the toolbar at the bottom of the viewing window

Musical comeback, high school sing-along success

Emma Raleigh October 14, 2010
Ever since May 2009, people across America have gotten to know the members of the show-choir “New Directions”. With star bound Rachel Berry, mean-spirited cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, handicapped Artie Abrams, and many others, the award-winning television show Glee, is full of surprises.

Pretty Little Liars embody some Big Ugly Secrets

Marisa Lindeman October 14, 2010
Pretty Little Liars, a best selling book by Sara Shepards, jumped to the small screen this year when it turned into a popular television series on ABC Family.

‘Lookin’ like a fool’ with your pants on ground: derriere dilemma

adviser October 14, 2010
After a Georgian assembly passed a law that regards the wearing of baggy pants as indecent exposure, the debate as been set afire as to whether or not the use of saggy britches is appropriate.

High school on a budget: Cutting cost for clothing

Stephani Whisenant October 14, 2010
Most teenagers both need and want clothes. People like to look nice, stylish, and up to date with the current ins and outs of fashion. Maintaining your wardrobe can be expensive, especially if you enjoy particular (and pricey) brands. Back to school shopping can cost the typical high school students anywhere from $100 to $500.

Offensive lineman role model on, off field

Marisa Lindeman October 14, 2010
The sound of the crowd is deafening as the Friday night lights shine down on the field. Along the sideline, the players wait their turn to enter the game and prove themselves among their peers. High school football is not just a past time or a sport; it’s a way of life. It is through this way of life that a young man will sometimes rise to the occasion and really excel as a leader.

Golfers prepare for season

Stephani Whisenant October 14, 2010
For many Viking athletes, golf is a fun and engaging activity that also serves as a stress reliever. Senior Matthew Wilkinson has been involved with the golf program since his freshman year. “I have fun doing it,” Wilkinson said. “It’s something I enjoy.”

Keeping pace, students make strides

Cecelia Mata October 14, 2010
Whether it is for exercise or for other self-motivated reasons, many students are active members of the cross-country team, even if that means having to deal with the difficulty of being at school to run at 7:30 each morning. Cross-country is a one-event sport in which the girls run 2 miles and the boys run 3.1 miles. Practices frequently push further, going up to 4.5 miles.

What about off-campus lunch?

Eduardo Alvarado October 14, 2010
Even though Bryan High has been a closed campus for over fifteen years, many students don’t know why they are not allowed to leave campus for lunch. For the administration, safety is one of the main priorities in maintaining a closed campus.

‘The Skinny’ on school nutrition

John Fuller October 14, 2010
When asked what their favorite class of the day is, plenty of students would undoubtedly answer, “Lunch!”. Yet, how many students know what goes into making a daily meal in the school cafeteria? Starting at 6:30 in the morning, cafeteria workers begin arriving to start preparing for the day’s meals.

MAKING ‘CENTS’ OF CHANGING ECONOMIES: School makes substantial cutbacks

John Fuller October 14, 2010
After December 2007, when a national recession was declared by the National Bureau of Economic Research, state and federal budgets have been under intense scrutiny. A central aspect of the state’s budget that is being considered for budgetary cuts is the education system.

Learning to teach: class, club prepare future teachers

Emma Raleigh October 14, 2010
Ready Set Teach is a program that allows students with a goal of one day becoming a teacher to jump start that dream and help it become a reality. Members of Ready Set Teach go on field trips to schools around the district to get a general overview of the teaching career. “Ready Set Teach is a capstone course, meaning that it’s at the end of the education and training pathway,” teacher Nina Wright said.
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