No Ordinary Family breeds extraordinary show

ABC’s newest show, No Ordinary Family, the Powell family is transformed into a family with extraordinary capabilities when an unexpected turn of events occurs.

The season began with Jim, the head of the family, feeling that the family hadn’t been spending enough quality time together. To encourage family bonding, the family travels together to South America, but their plane crashes and the family seems to walk away unscathed, but soon find out they have each developed super powers.

Not only does the family have to learn to live with these unique and distinctive powers, they also learn how to maintain a family. We all know how dysfunctional families can be, and the Powell family is no different.

The family argues and insults each other much like my own family, making it not only an enjoyable show, but a relatable one as well.

In a show where the storyline could make for cheesy acting, the actors do a surprisingly good job making the show seem as realistic as possible. Jim, played by Michael Chiklis, who also starred in the movie Fantastic Four, captures the beauty of being a super hero with extreme strength.

Julie Benz, as Stephanie Powell, also does a very good job playing a super hero. In the show Stephanie gains the capability of super speed, but in reality she gains the capability of super acting.

My favorite, though, is Daphne, who is played by Kay Pannabaker. Kay, a remarkable actress, has played in some of my favorite shows, such as Summerland, Phil of the Future and the Disney Channel Movie, Read it and Weep.

No Ordinary Family, brings back wholesome content to primetime television, bringing laughs and life lessons along the way.

Each show keeps you guessing and constantly wanting to see more. I find the show quite suspenseful.

Besides the super heros, it has evil super villans. Batman has the Joker and the Powells have Dr. Dayton King, who is trying to sabotage them at every turn.

This keeps me tuning in every Tuesday to find out what happens next and how they will stop this evil doctor.

Though it drives me crazy that each episode ends with a cliffhanger, it provides a serialized effect that requires viewers to continue watching to find out what the resolution will be.

So many shows leave the endings predictable that it takes the fun out of guessing and watching. The producers of No Ordinary Family, do a splendid job of capturing suspense. The show airs on Tuesday nights, so tune in and I guarantee you a night full of laughter and quality family time, much like Jim himself was trying to achieve.