Under pressure

Seniors feel left behind by fellow classmates who have their future planned out

The school year just started, but it already feels like it’s going by so fast. Senior year is supposed to be the year when we have fun, make happy memories, and live life to the fullest, but so far it has been all of that along with an extra large side of college stress.

I feel behind when it comes to planning my future. So many of my friends and classmates have already decided where they want to go to college and what they want to major in, but I have barely put any thought into it all.

Before school even started, people in my grade were writing their college essays and deciding where they wanted to apply, while I was focused on what I was going to wear on the first day of school.

I feel like part of my problem is that senior year still doesn’t feel real. 

It doesn’t feel like this is my last year in high school (although I am very glad it is) and it doesn’t feel like in just a few short months, I’m going to be in the place that I have been putting off thinking about. 

I’m more than ready to move on from this school, but I’m not sure if I’m entirely ready to move on from the friends I’ve made, the teachers I’ve had, and the routine from the past four years.

The high school pathway I’m on slightly narrows down the number of careers that would be good options in the future, but not enough to make it an easy decision. 

Over the past few years, I’ve jumped from one dream job to another, hoping that I’ll find one that I really want to stick with. I wish that there were more people at school that could actually help me find a plausible suitable career that I can aim for. Instead, I feel a bit left in the dark when it comes to college, finding a career to strive for, and finding a major that is applicable for that career.

I think I’ve decided to go to Blinn right after high school and take some classes there to figure out what I really want to do. I feel like that way I’ll be in a more comfortable place surrounded by people who are all going at the same pace I am to make decisions about my future. I’ll also be able to continue working at my job and living at home, so not too much is going to change too suddenly.

Even though all the people around me seem to be ahead of the game, I think I’ve mostly got things figured out. When the future comes and I don’t end up having everything together, then I guess I’ll just have to figure it out when the time comes. The biggest thing to remember is that it will all work out and though the amount of options is daunting, it’s all exciting.