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Unspeakable names

Referring to significant other as food, animal cringe worthy

There is nothing is worse than walking past a couple and hearing, “aww pookie.” I don’t know when or where pet names in relationships began, but it needs to end.

When you walk around and hear people calling each other baby girl/boy, princess, sweetie, and love, my first instinct is to go vomit in a corner.

Some of the worst names though are food names. Why in the world would you want to be called muffin, sugar, cutie pie, sweet pea, or honey bun by someone other than your grandmother?

The name you’re significant other calls you is supposed to reflect how they view you. The last thing I would want to be viewed as is something that is probably made up of 50% saturated fats.

When people in relationships use these names, they intend to increase the attraction between them, but it just makes everyone around them extremely uncomfortable.

Yes, some nicknames are okay but most are sickening. Nicknames like babe are okay because it’s very subtle and not as lovey-dovey.

The amount of humiliation I would get if someone called me these names and people around heard would make me never want to come to school.

Now, there’s a different side of the story… Pet names are not as disgusting when you either do it with friends or an old couple. When you’re walking in the hallway and two friends are calling each other honey or babe, it’s sarcastic and funny, not disgusting.

Or when your grandparents are calling each other dear it’s fine for them, but if you heard teens calling each other dear that would be different. I guess what matters is who you’re saying it to and how you’re saying it.

When people rarely use their partner’s actual name it makes you wonder if they even know their name. I know that’s exaggerating, but when people in relationships use pet names too much, it lessens a sense of individuality within the relationship.

When pet names become the main way partners address each other, the relationship becomes less genuine and meaningful. It goes back to… “do you even know my name?” Because it seems like you couldn’t tell me.

Pet names in relationships can be disgusting, sickening, and gut-wrenching. It honestly just matters what your intention is behind it, are you being funny, lovey-dovey, or a grandma?

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